Wide Load Coming Through

No this post is not about the size of mine or in fact anyone’s bottom. Despite this I hope you carry on reading……

Since becoming a parent my list of grievances has grown quite dramatically. One that is pretty close to the top of that list is cars parked across the pavement. It drives me mad!

Now when we go out in the car I use an UPPA Baby Vista as a tandem double. Its a great buggy, probably the best Iv had. It means I can have both world facing, both parent facing, one forward, one backwards, the possibilities are endless.

However when we go walking usually in the mornings, my mums double Britax is out ready on the porch. So we usually use this, its a side by side stroller. Yes its wider than a normal stroller but fits perfectly along a pavement.

We live in a small but busy village, with quite a few cars. Some of the houses have driveways, but not all of them, which leaves multiple cars parked on the road. Now lets get one thing straight I do not mind if cars park on the road, in fact I really don’t mind if cars park on the pavement a little bit. But since having a buggy I have noticed how far people actually park their cars on the pavement, to the point I can not fit through. Which results in me having to go into the road with the buggy to get past. So I put myself and my babies in danger because someone did not consider how their parking would effect others.


It is a foot path not a car path so why on earth do people feel it is appropriate to do this. I often come across cars literally parked on the whole path so that not even a single pedestrian could get through.

I don’t want to get technical and I am not going to search the Highway Code, but pretty sure this is illegal. Even if it isn’t illegal it is very annoying!

So next time you pull up to a curb to park, please consider those pushing a buggy before you bump up and park across the whole pavement.

#Parentgrievances #grumpymum


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