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The Last (Breastfed) Supper

I write this currently in great pain, and those that have breast fed will understand why.

With Bear I felt like I wanted to breast feed until 6 months, and that was my goal.  I had a good experience breast feeing with Bear, unlike Mop Top, but I knew it was coming to an end at around 5 1/2 months. My milk didn’t seem to be filling him up enough, and he was using my nipples as a dummy a lot of the time.

When I stopped breast feeding Mop Top, my milk had dried up and I had mastitis so I didn’t really have a choice. With Bear we swapped a breast feed for a bottle feed as the professionals suggest. I was reluctant to admit I was nearing that last feed, in fact it had been my last feed about three times. If he was crying I knew a quick breast feed would soothe him, so I did. But eventually  I sat in bed during the early hours a few days ago, feeding Bear knowing it would be my last feed. Now I am not a natural at breast feeding, and I wouldn’t say it is something I thoroughly enjoyed, but I was actually quite sad. To think I would never breast feed this little bear again made my really sad. As he guzzled a 7oz bottle the following morning, I knew it was the right choice for us, but I couldn’t help hanging on to that last feed.

Then came the pain. Because my milk dried up with Mop Top I didn’t suffer to much discomfort. however despite gradually swapping to formula my boobs did not agree with this. Ahh man the next night I did not sleep at all, not because of waking babies but because of the pain i was in. I couldn’t lay on my side, couldn’t roll over and generally couldn’t move. I was at the point of tears. I was taking pain killers, ice packs and soaking. Mr DC kept saying it will get better, which I knew it would.

For about 2 days, I had rocks attached to me, didnt want them in a bra, couldn’t handle them out of a bra. It was an awful end to my whole breast feeding experience.

img_7986But gradually things went back to normal, don’t get me wrong they are still quite sore, but soooo much better.

Now Bear is completely formula fed, with the start of weaning happening, and he seems much more content, and has even dropped his night feed.

i feel proud of my self for managing 6 months of brrast feeding with Bear, but feel more in control of our routine now he is on formula.

If any of you are in the sme boat, and thinking about stopping breastfeeding, Please don’t panic, a few days and normality will return. There is definitely a long list if of things they don’t tell you about motherhood, and post breast feeding is on of them!

Have a good day

love Kelly xx

2 thoughts on “The Last (Breastfed) Supper”

  1. There is no shame in having to stop. I only made it to about three months with both of mine because I went back to work, and I wasn’t able to pump regularly throughout the day. Your babies got a great start, and that’s what matters. Also, formula means dad can help a lot more!


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