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Getting the Magic of Christmas right??


My little ones are still quite young for the whole Christmas experience. And seem to be enjoying it on a different level to their older cousins. However it dawned on me this week that there are so many rules when it comes to Father Christmas, presents, reindeers and everything festive when you have children.
So I am writing this blog actually for some help on all things Christmas…. presents, elf on the shelf, Father Christmas, reindeers…. the list goes on!

So I’m wrapping Mop Top and Bears presents…. are they from us… are they all from Father Christmas? Why did I never question that my parents didn’t buy us presents??
I imagine some children write a list as long as their arms so I wonder how parents get round not buying them all?
I can feel myself asking a thousand questions as I am writing. But this is serious business as a parent.

The next mystery…. visiting Father Christmas…. why is he everywhere? Is there just one real one and the rest are helpers?

we started the Christmas Eve box last year, which I love. It means we can sit down as a family and use all the items in the box; pjs, book and something yummy.
I feel like I need to buck my ideas up when it comes to really capturing the magic of Christmas with my little ones. And I really don’t want to get it wrong! I’m keen to start some family traditions they can treasure.
So I turn it back to my readers…. what’s your Christmas story, traditions and tips for me as a newbie Christmas mummy???

img_8232Happy Christmas
love a very confused mummy

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