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10 things i wish I’d been told with my first born

imageIve really been thinking lately how different I felt after the birth of my babies. I have to say there are so many things I wished I’d been told about having baby number 1. We did the obligatory active birth course with Mop Top and it was very much about the labour, the drugs and pushing that baby out. But they don’t tell you everything do they!!
So I thought I’d write 10 things I wish I’d been told and I vow to tell any friends that have babies in the future.


1- Haemorrhoids…. yes you don’t have to be a 90 year old woman to get these!!

2- How sore you will be for two weeks post-partum. Seriously worse than labour for me. Frozen peas and a rubber blow up ring is my advice!

3- Breast feeding is not easy and natural for everyone. Do what suits you, as long as your baby is fed who cares how!

4- You do not need as much as you think you do. Newborn babies need nappies, baby grows, and your cuddles. (Obviously there are a few other essentials)

5- Your baby really don’t care if his pram cost £10 or £1000.

6- Take all the help you can get! If they offer say YES

7- It’s not all rose tinted cuddles; you’ll have super mum days, just about survive days, perfect baby days and I cant handle this days….. And that is ok…. Here’s to tomorrow

8- Acid reflux…. argghh this means they cry even more

9- You won’t eat dinner at the same time as your partner for quite a few months.

10- Google will generally know the answer to everything.


Love Kelly

3 thoughts on “10 things i wish I’d been told with my first born”

  1. Awesome read! Just let my partner read this and she was agreeing with everything you said lol! She went through so much pain and being uncomfortable after the labour it was really hard on her! She felt at ease knowing she wasn’t the only one haha! Thank you!!


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