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Healthy Eating Vs Emotional Motherhood

imageBear is almost 4 months now and I returned to exercise pretty soon after having him. My body was used to training so I felt ready to go back to the gym after about 3 weeks. However healthy eating is a whole other ball game.

I have come to realise this week that I literally eat rubbish all day, snack on biscuits, eat chocolate, pick at goodies. Some days I wake up and am so tired the only way I can consider getting through the day is it to eat chocolate. I have a sweet tooth anyway so I do not really need any excuse.

img_7935I definitely think your emotions and how you feel trigger what you eat. And any mummies reading this will know what an emotional roller coaster motherhood is. We generally eat quite healthy meals but it’s the snacking that does me. If I’m by myself with mop Top and bear all day I just know I will snack whenever I can. I feel like I am in a unhealthy eating rut that I can’t get out of.

In an ideal world I’d have a chef follow me round and make me health snacks and meals whenever I wanted…. if only eh!
I guess my own will power and determination will have to do for now. I vow to try harder with my healthy eating.
Feel free to send me your healthy eating top tips.
Love Kelly

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