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Three under 3… I salute you!

imageThose of you that have three children under the age of 3, I salute you!!! Due to my parents going on holiday I took over childcare and had my 2 year old niece for the day. She is a year older than Mop Top. So I had a 2 year old, 1 year old and 3 month old.

Having three humans to look after don’t bother me a great deal, but it is the logistics of doing things…Who gets in the car first…who do I get out first…. What if all want to be picked up!?
Our local gymnastic club opens up for under 5’s every morning for a £1. Mop top really enjoys it so that was the plan for the morning. I cheated a little bit as I was meeting a friend there so she helped with shoes and coats etc. I was able to feed Bear while the other two played. So far so good.

Like I said before it’s the logistics of three that I found hardest. After Baby Gym we walked back to the car, then I begin to panic as to what to do next. Three babies and a car park. Luckily my niece is obsessed with Bear so she stood next to his car seat perfectly, which I placed close to the side of the car. Mop top in first, then Sophie Chops (my niece) then poor old Bear gets left to last. But all where in, safe and sound.

Another cheat card.. Off to my cousins partners for lunch. Again I had assistance from her with logistics of bags and babies. By the time we left it was 230, we’d literally spent the whole day out. As we pulled up all three were asleep in the car…. This is were I breathed a deep sigh of relief. Three trips into the house, one with each baby. Bear didn’t sleep long but the two girls were shattered…, and to be honest so was I.
I only had Sophie Chops until 330 which really is only half a day compared to actually having three babies.

I fully understand that if I actually had three babies I could not spend the whole day out every day, it just wouldn’t work. And today all three were very good, imagine if one were poorly or teething….ah man! So to Mr DC’s delight I won’t be suggesting baby number three anytime soon (although never say never)

I write this while my two babies sleep and I am appreciating the silence! So I say it again mummies out there with three babies under 3 I salute you; go and buy your self a bottle of wine and drink it on me tonight!
Love Kelly xx



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