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1 Mummy, a Toddler and a baby do lunch

imageI find it hard enough getting out of the door with the help of Mr DC so I’m not entirely sure why I thought it was a good idea today to stop for lunch by myself with my 1 +1

Anyway we did and survived!
We stopped off at Nando’s after visiting a friend.

The waitress gave us a great table as it had two chairs plus the sofa edge. Which meant I could leave Bear in his car seat and it could be safely put on the sofa. Plus a chair for our bag. She got Mop Top a high chair as well.

I didn’t realise Nando’s did a children’s menu, and for the price you get a lot! Mop Top has only just started eating again after a week of being poorly. So I only order myself something and we could shared.

imageIf this was any other restaurant a waitress would come to the table but at Nando’s you go the the till to order and pay. This is fine when I have help. However this is when I got a bit stuck. I am by my self, have a 16month old and a 14 week old how do I order my food…. there were two older ladies sitting next to me, who looked pleasant enough (not sure of the requirements for this look) so I was quite cheeky and asked them just to keep an eye on Bear while me and Mop Top ordered the food. They were more than happy to help and at the till I could still see Bear. They did give me the sympathetic smile I regularly get (a whole other blog about that another time)

Unfortunately bad timing our food arrived and Bear needed feeding. I am combination feeding him so he was due a bottle this time. Mop Top was happy to sit in the high chair and munch on chips while I fed Bear. It was a bit of a juggling act between feeding Bear, controlling Mop Top and eating my own lunch.
That pretty much sums up our lives…. an organised juggling act. But we managed it pretty well, with two fed babies, 1 fed adult and we were good to go!

We hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Love Kelly, Mop Top and Bear.

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