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Sickness, cuddles and sleepless nights.


It is the end of a very long week, with babies having been poorly. It started Monday night with both of us being up with Mop Top. I gave in pretty easily and put her in our bed. Some may mutter under their breath at this point but sometimes you have to do what you can to get through the night.
She had a fever, was coughing and uncontrollably crying so I just knew we would be up and down like a yo yo so in our bed she came. It still took her a long while to settle.
I have to say during the day although whingy she was lot better. We even made it to Kent Life for some fresh air.
But as it got dark, the sleep fairy came and took it all away. Back to our bed, if you’ve ever had your toddler in your bed you’ll know how uncomfortable it is, she wiggles, kicks, lays in all sorts of positions! At one point she was sound asleep and both myself and Mr DC were wide awake. It was the night times she worried me most, as she was sobbing and crying and there literally nothing we could do. I don’t think she even knew what she wanted us to do.

Mop Top loves her food, however this week has literally eaten nothing. So following a bout of sickness and a temperature of 38.9c I rang the out of hours dr, who couldn’t really offer me any extra advice other than calpol, fluids and monitoring. We knew it would be a repeat of the night before.
Poor little Bear has had the left over germs of his sister. I guess any illness we have in this house now is inevitably going to be passed back and forth. His cough is awful, and always sounds so much worse in a tiny baby. He was coughing so much yesterday I called the doctor for him to.

So after multiple phone calls and two GP appointments later both have a viral infection and on top of that Mop Top has an ear infection.

After using up my share of calpol, and the dr on speed dial we eventually made it to Friday!! My FitBit thought it was a good idea to tell me my average sleep this week was 4 hours a night 😴😴
This week I have discovered the true meaning of feeling helpless. You just want to take it away from them. Mr DC has now come down with a cold, he does seem to catch everything the kids get. Touch wood I have yet to sneeze or sniffle *fingers crossed*
So I survived my first week of both babies being poorly. But Here hoping and praying for more sleep this weekend and my children back to normal soon.
Love Kelly

*the picture highlights germs but also what I feel I look like after this week!!

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