Routine… Love them or hate them


Routine… do you love them or hate them? Well I like to think I am Spontaneous and free but Since having children I have discovered I actually love a routine. I like to know what I’m doing, what time, where it is and what I need.
I like to try and be organised, but with kids I guess I have to be. Mr DC thinks it odd but every night I do all the milks for the next day, refill the changing bag and lay out a set of clothes for each baby. That is my routine every night when they are finally in bed.
A few months ago Mr DC washed and sterilised half Mop Tops bottles and sorted her milk, he was trying to be helpful but actually messed up my whole routine and threw me out completely. He found it hilarious but I did not!

When Mop Top was about 8 weeks we introduced a bed time routine. We got to the point where we hadn’t eaten dinner together in weeks or we were eating with a tray in one hand and baby in the other, so we decided it was time Mop Top went up to bed each evening. She took to it like a duck to water. Bath, pjs, bottle, bed. Now I’m not a perfect parent but I am convinced by doing this we set our selves up for easy bed times from then on in. Even now she is 99% of the time a dream to put to bed.
Now Bear is here, I was naively hoping he would just fit into our routine. He has other ideas! Firstly colic rose its horrible head, and he would cry from 6pm until 10pm. Then that passed and currently we are trying the whole bed routine again, I have to admit it is far from perfect yet! And it takes a good few hours before we can sit down and enjoy the silence.

Other than Bear still being a bit unsettled, our other issue is putting two children to bed at once. It’s ok if both of us are here, but single handedly putting two babies under 15months to bed is quite a challenge.

When I was pregnant with Bear people said get them to nap at the same time. Ok picture this both babies tired, both whingy, who do I take up first? Who do I leave potentially crying?? It’s a battle, I have achieved it very briefly for the last few days but that’s about it. In fact right now both my babies are asleep. Shhhhhh
I do think routine is great for us and the babies and we are still working on getting it right now we have two. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Our Top tips on routine and little ones:
1- repeat repeat repeat bed time routines- they’ll get used to it and it will get them in good bed time habits.
2- be strict with timings. Your friends and family may think your being unsociable but sticking to a bedtime will help your baby and you.
3-organise to save time later.
4- (my favourite one) eat chocolate when the children are in bed 😀

Love Kelly

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