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Every Little Helps

No this is not a blog about a well known blue and white striped supermarket that goes by the name of Tesco. But more about help with our little ones.
In today’s world I feel grandparents help out with child care a lot more. Most of my friends with children rely on their parents to look after little ones at least once a week. Lots of new mums go back to work, because the need to or because they want to, it still means sorting child care. A child care provision can be so expensive, so if parents can help if really does make a difference.

Nine months after having Mop Top I went back to work 3 days a week. We were super lucky that both our parents were able to have Mop Top for a day, which meant only one day at paid child care. It also meant she had a really lovely balance of time with her grandparents and time with ‘strangers’ at nursery.

Mr DCs parents live about 25 minutes away, not that far really but we do see them less than my parents just due to locality I guess. So when I went on maternity leave to have Bear they were keen to carry on having her one day a week. This was perfect for me as means I now get a day just me and Bear and Mop Top can continue building strong bonds with them. She is a bit of a grandads girl so she loves it.

Not only to both parents help with child care when we work but if we want to go out or need to work on the house they are always there to have the little ones.

Those of you that have read our ‘about us’ section (and if you haven’t feel free to will know we are currently living with my parents. We sold our house, brought a wreck and thankfully they were there to take us in, 2 kids and a dog in tow.
I have to say this was a god send!! When we moved in I was pregnant with Bear. With Mr DC out at work all day managing mop top and a new born was obviously going to be hard. But being at my parents means they are always around to lend a hand, whether it is holding Bear while I tend to Mop Top or entertain Mop Top while I feed Bear. Tonight for example Mr DC went to the gym, which meant I had to put both to bed. Which sounds easy enough but we have not quite got the hang of Bears bed time so he tends to scream/cry a lot in the evening. So while I was attempting to put Bear to bed, mum was about to keep an eye on Mop Top down stairs. Honestly we are super lucky!
Sometimes Mop Top doesn’t even want to come to me because she has seen nanny or grandad and they are much better.
It is crazy at our house sometimes and Mop Top does attempt to eat grandads breakfast and pester nanny when she’s trying to work or get ready. But we are eternally grateful that we have this setup.

I know even when we move out (we will eventually don’t worry dad!) Mop Top and Bear will continue to have a really strong bond with both their grandparents, which I think is so important.
Basically the message from this blog is hurrah and thank you to all the grandparents out there especially Mop Top and Bears.

img_7782Love Kelly


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