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Fun Activity #1

I do have good intentions when it comes to arts and craft, and sensory activities for Mop Top. You see photos on the net of perfect activities set up and perfect art work created. Well the reality in my house is not that perfect image. It generally takes me longer to set up and clear away than it does the time Mop Top actually engages in it. So thought I’d share the times we do manage to do activities at home, they are hopefully quick easy ideas that you can recreate at home.

The first is so simple. I needed a few extra minutes to sort Bear out so I placed three tins on the side, I used loaf tins.. But any type of container will do.

Water in one

Cheerios in one

Flour in one

…. Done

I put a few spoons in each tin; a Mop Top enjoyed moving each item between pots. She does like her food do some, well most of actually the Cheerios went in her mouth. After a while the flour was on the work top, which she enjoyed feeling and spreading with her hands. As the flour mixed with the water, she got another texture to feel and play with.

The perfect quick simple sensory activity that isn’t too much hassle. Give it a try.


Love Kelly


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