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Birthday Blog

Birthday Blog

So yesterday I turned 29. (16th of October 1987; those older readers may remember this night from the great storm…. Yup just me arriving into the world)
Anyway I wasn’t really fussed on a big celebration this year, having 15 month and 3 month old means life’s pretty hectic so a chilled out family weekend was in order.
So it didn’t start overly well, Bear woke at 4am and would only settle laying on my chest. Then an hour and a half later he vomited all over me, happy birthday mummy!!
Luckily he did go back to sleep for a bit and Mr DC took Mop Top when she woke so I did get a lie in…. Kind of.

First stop breakfast. Living so close to Rochester means we have a selection of places to choose from. We opted for Quills on this occasion. Their Full English was lovely and even on my birthday I had to share with Mop Top. Mr DC went for an American breakfast which came with ribs?! Odd first thing in the morning, but he enjoyed it.


I’d said I wanted to go to Leeds castle but all week it had been saying rain, as we were eating the sun started to shine. So off to Leeds Castle we went. It’s quite expensive to get in however now you can use one ticket all year, so we will definitely be returning to get our money’s worth.

We had a walk round the castle and had some lunch then made our way to the play area so Mop Top could have a run round. She is so confident now walking around her self, so things take a little extra time. The castle itself is really interesting even managed to learn a bit of history despite having two young babies.



We stayed until about 3, by which point the kids were shattered and in fact so were we!! Straight home to family roast and cake! Mop Top spends a lot of time with her cousins, so I love watching her play with them. They are slightly older and she really does her best to keep up with them.


I had some lovely presents including a set of overalls and work boots from Mr DC, we are currently renovating (to put it lightly) our house so these were greatly appreciated.
I am a bit of a home bird, and family girl so my birthday was perfect this year, time with family and lots of it!
Now next year I am the big 3…0, so my plan is to do 30 cool, weird or new things for my 30th year. I have a few on the list but need some more. So will be adding to the list over the next year, ready to start on the next birthday. (Feel free to suggest any)
Love Kelly

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