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Lean in 15 Chicken Pie

For me cooking as a singleton was never easy, so now I have two babies to manage aswell it is not something I would say I look forward to. You have the same 4 dishes over and over, same ingredients, same flavours… Boring boring boring.
So when I came across @thebodycoach Joe Wicks Lean in 15 I was very intrigued. I initially saw his program on the television which prompted me to purchase the book.
With his consent I am going to try out a few of the lean in 15 recipes and test them on the family. I’ll let you know my thoughts on each one.
To start with chicken pie. Not your ordinary full of pastry type of pie, but a fresh new style of pie.
Firstly not billions of ingredients that you never have in the cupboard. And I have to be honest we were out of mushrooms so changed to onions instead.
Simple to follow instructions and quick to do. I made the pie during mop tops nap time which saved so much time come 5 o’cloc. I chucked all the dry ingredients in, chicken, leek, onion (substitute) followed by the wet ingredients; stock, corn flour paste, double cream. Left it to simmer and then mixed in the spinach.

Now if you normally make your own pies you are probably a dab hand at pastry….. I am not! So using filo pastry literally just crumpled on the top was so easy and so effective.

When we were ready, in the oven and job done. We had ours with peas, as Mop top loves peas and some potatoes.
Mop top generally eats what we eat at dinner, so I was keen for her to try this meal to. She wolfed it down along with everyone else in the house. In fact they asked for seconds, which is always a good sign. I personally don’t think I got the pastry quite right, as some bits were still pale and dry, although no one else complained. The majority of the pastry was crispy and lovely. The flavour was yummy, with a great addition of spinach.
My mum is a vegetarian and so I amended the recipe to use quorn meat so she had her own individual pie. Also a great success with compliments all round.

I would definitely recommend trying this one. Easy and quick to do and tastes great.

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