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To Post or Not To Post

imageThis post is on a slightly controversial topic, which I guess could be a risk given I’m only a few posts in.
However I’m keen to put my opinion out there, and save questioning later.

Iv named this blog ‘to post or not to post’ and I am referring to pictures of our children across social media. Some do it, and some don’t and it really is each to their own. But here are some of MY views on it.

Now when mop-top was born, myself and Mr DC made the joint conscious decision not to post any photos of her on social media. This was a decision that actually some people questioned, queried, and genuinely couldn’t work out why on earth we wouldn’t.
Don’t get me wrong I take pictures of my children every second of every day, and I am bias but think they are both gorgeous. However, we did not want to publish their lives across social media. Some moments are personal and we didn’t think it was necessary to bore our Facebook friends and Twitter followers with these. I regularly send photos to friends and family who I know actually want to see them (well I think they do…)

The other thing that scares me about social media, the Internet and technology in general is the lack of control. Despite multiple security settings on Facebook, I am still aware that once a picture is posted it is then out there on in the ethos of the Internet. Im not saying just because you post pictures of your children online that some wierdo is going to hack you and get hold of them, but it is so easy to save, screenshot and copy photos that anyone could potential do just that.
However the main issue for me is not on the security of the Internet but the fact that I didn’t want to share their every day events with the world.

I recently read an article from The Wall Street Journal website title ‘should parents post photos of their children on social media’ very fitting given this blog. In the article stated that on average a parent will post 1,000 photos of a child before they turn 5. There were for and against arguments expressed, and is worth a read if you get a chance. (
Some will say it’s a way to broaden your community and others say it violates a child’s privacy. This argument will never be black and white, people will always have an opinion on it.

I’d like to reiterate here that these are just my views, and do not have any issues with others posting any photos they wish to. I totally get why people do post pictures of their children’s first big moments. We previously shared one photo of mop top from her christening as a one off; the amount of likes and comments was enough to boost anyone’s ego! However I do have a slight issue with over sharing… Your child’s first poo, check in a the doctors surgery, what they had for breakfast…. Not sure it’s all necessary. First school photo maybe but telling the world your child just did a wee on the potty…..mmmm

We have a big family with lots of children, cousins, second cousins the list goes on. So mop top and Theo bear will appear in other photos from parties and gathering…. And that is ok!!
We aren’t going to be sargeant major about it. It is the day and age where people are sharing holiday snaps, birthday pictures and family shots, it is the world we are moving into. If they are in other photos that people want to publish then so be it. However we personally won’t be posting a timeline of photos of their lives on social media. I have to say there maybe the very rare occasion that we do decide to share the odd photo but that’s all it will be is a rare occasion.
I do not want (and I hope they don’t) friends and family to feel like they are walking on egg shells when it comes to filtering through to ensure my children aren’t in any photos. If they are, then they are!

So although I am blogging about our life and the things we get up to, I don’t plan to post photos of them within this blog. What I’m really going to try and do is post photos or pictures that represent each blog.

Well let’s hope I didn’t offend too many, otherwise this blogging hobby could be over before it’s even started.

Fun out, all out

K 1+1

9 thoughts on “To Post or Not To Post”

  1. Lovely blog Kelly 😀 I like that you keep your kids’ photos private. They can choose what to post about their lives when they are old enough. Some kids probably will get bullied by others about photos of them that their parents previously posted.

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  2. Hi Kel, I 100% see where your coming from. I post a handful of pictures of Quinn, when I think they’re exceptionally cute or just generally lovely pics but people don’t know her day to day life (More because I know how much it would bore others).
    Others post pics of Q and that’s fine, I actually find it a compliment when they want to do it.
    As my other halves family live so far away, I post occasionally so all the Aunties/Uncles/Cousins can enjoy watching her grow.

    What I have seen of your little girl, is very cute.

    Keep blogging!

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  3. Totally agree with everything you said Kelly! There is a handful of pictures of Amelia out there on social media from her 2 and half years and until she has her own Facebook (God forbid!) when she’s old enough that’s exactly how it will stay because to me it’s private and our family memories.

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  4. I agree 100%, I also read an article the other day talking about the issue of consent when posting photos which also brought up two really good points. That firstly you haven’t been given consent by a child to post a picture of them which could be an issue later in life and that also by posting you are giving anybody you are connected with on the internet consent to use that picture how they like. It’s a shame the internet is such a dangerous place to post these kind of things now.

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  5. This blog posting is fantastic. It is big personal decision to either post or not post pictures of your kids. I simply live seeing people’s kids and seeing them grow up. But that being said, I don’t share their postings with my friends or internet base. I also don’t post pics in general of my family simply to not invalid their privacy. If they share pictures that is their choice. I really enjoyed your blog post, thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Like I say it’s everyone’s choice isn’t it, and if my children are in pohotos that others post that’s ok, I no I can’t completely protect them from social media. Glad you enjoyed reading.

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