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Hello World

Hello World

I am very (very) new to this blogging business. I thought I wanted to start blogging after having my first baby, little did I know a small tiny baby would consume my life. So just short of a year later having my second I thought about it again. Now I love being a mummy but sometimes you need a bit of sanity, so I guess that is where this blog comes in.
So what do you want to know……well I am 29 and got married in 2014 to Mr DC; it was to our slight shock I was pregnant three months later. In the following July, Mop-Top (she has quite wild hair, hence the nickname) was born. So that’s part 1. A whirlwind year followed as again three months later, I was pregnant, heres when the plus 1 comes in. Three weeks early our second baby in just short of a year entered our lifes; Theo Bear. So my life has gone from single to married with two babies under one in the space of about 2 years….. keeping up???
To add to the craziness of our life right now, we sold our house and brought a ‘project’ and are currently living with my parents while we renovate it. Yes life is somewhat manic right now.
Life is fun with 1 plus 1 that’s for sure. I plan to blog different parts of our lives, the fun, the fails and everything in between.

Hope you like what you read
Fun out, All Out
Kelly x+x

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