You really don’t know tiredness until you are a parent!

img_8088Since becoming a parent I have come to realise there is tired and then there’s parent tiredness. It’s a whole other ball game.

Some days I wake in the morning and genuinely do not know how I am going to make it to lunch time let alone dinner time. But somehow I do…. everyday we make it through the day.
Remember when you used to party till 4am, get up and go to work then next day….. oh how my life has changed! Haha
I’m sure there must be some form of auto pilot that triggers as soon as you have children. You are up all night with the baby then carry on all day.
We have recently purchased FitBits, which can really highlight the broken little sleep we’ve had. Sometimes I take mine off at night as I really don’t need that depressive moment in the morning when my phone tells me I’ve had 4hours on average that night!

Mop Top is really good during the night, 99% of the time we don’t hear from her 7pm-6am but Bear is still a little pickle at night. Sometimes feeding 2-3 times, but he is getting there. I keep telling myself it is for a really short period of time. This time next year (when hopefully he is sleeping through) I’ll be wishing he was diddy again!

img_8009Anyway it’s 9:33 and I am still awake missing out on valuable sleeping hours. So as my Nan and grandad used to say……
Good night. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bug bites, if they do whack em on the head with a great big shoe

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