We Survived…. Here’s our top tips

Having been home a few weeks I have reflected on our first trip and despite the hideous journey (check it out here) it was a pretty successful holiday. I have to say a very different holiday to what we are used to, but different in a good way.

As promised here are my top tips for travelling with small children…

1: Snacks: take lots of snacks for the journey. Those times when you need a bit of indoor time in the room, snacks from home really helped us!

2: Books wrapped up. This sounds like a silly one and the people around us on the plane thought I was barmy. But every often I would hand Mop Top a present wrapped in Christmas paper. It was a book, stickers, her toys. But it passed the time as she was excited to open in then excited to play/ read whatever was inside. They weren’t expensive items just stickers books etc and even some of her toys from home.

3: Relax your routine: our babies still needed naps, bed time routine, food/ milk at certain times despite being in a different country. I am all about routine, but I really tried to relax about timings and just went with what the babies wanted whenever it was.

4: Stroller: we brought 2 cheap stroller in the Mothercare sale and I have to say they were a god send. It meant the babies could nap in the day without us having to sit in the room for 2 hours. It meant i could get them off to sleep then send Mr DC to the bar for my Pina Colada!

5 Take lots of nappies, swimming and normal: we ran out on the last day and had to buy a pack from the local supermarket…. €17 for 17 nappies!!

These are my top five tips for holidaying with babies. It was a very different Holiday to what we are used to. We didn’t relax for one moment, and in fact I could do with another holiday about now, but it was lovely, and great to have some family time.

Whether we go on a plane again is still up for debate but we will definitely be holidaying again next year.

image(Lame holiday selfie)

Happy Holidays X

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