Play in the rain… I dare you

This morning I watched an article on Lorraine with Marina Fogle. They were basically discussing if we wrap our children in bubble wrap these days. And it really got me thinking. Marina Fogle told a story about how she ‘let’ her daughter fall down the stairs. Before you all go crazy she ‘set’ it up as safely as she could, with cushions and pillows and the theory was her little girl would learn herself how to manage the stairs safely.

So I spent the rest of the day keeping track of how many times I said ‘be careful’ ‘slow down’ etc and turns out it was quite a lot. I even got thinking about activities I do and don’t let them do. Going in the garden with no shoes on, playing out in the rain; two things I generally don’t let the kids do. Which writing them out now sound ridiculously.

This afternoon we put wellies on, coats on and went for a walk…. It was raining!! Call the police! Haha

Im pretty sure when I was a child and even more so when my parents were small, we were left to get on with things. There wasn’t child locks, stair gates and so many child safety gadgets.

So how do we promote indepedance in our children without causing them harm.  Would love to hear your thoughts on how safety conscious you are with your little ones?

I am really going to try and let my two explore their own independance, with me a few extra steps behind. Well try at least!



4 thoughts on “Play in the rain… I dare you”

  1. I liked to think I’m not back helicopter parent, but a few weeks ago I read an article about how other countries (USA perspective) let their children do so many things that are taboo here. Example: five year old using a knife–with a real blade. By letting children do things like this, it let’s them discover their own boundaries and actually makes them safer.
    Reading that made me take a step back and reevaluate my parenting. I have started letting my five year old peel and cut veggies (supervised). She loves it.

    Thanks for the great read.

    1. So true. And I think when mine are older (only 1 and 2 now) I will get them involved in these kind of activities. For now I’m going to try and think of little things they can do to explore this. Thanks for commenting

  2. I am so over cautious with Zach! Actually have a blog post in my mind about it (often it never makes it to publish as I forget before I get a chance to write it!). Last weekend we were at a friend’s bbq and it was raining (of course) and he was having so much fun in the rain, I let him. That said, when it started tipping down I got him under cover – he was at the beginning of a cold haha! I definitely need to loosen up a bit and let him get on with stuff! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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