A change in fitness post babies

imageThose of you that know me, will know pre babies I was all about fitness, competing and staying on weight. I was a full contact kickboxer and competed to a high level (feel free to YouTube)

Well I really tried to stay on track when I was pregnant. In fact I trained right up until about 38 weeks with Mop Top despite most people saying I was mad. But when your body is so used to do something I had to be doing something, whether it be just a few circuits or a blast on the bags.

However post two babies my fitness regime is somewhat different. I was eager to get back in the gym and did so sensibly pretty soon after having both Mop Top and Bear. I think only you know your own body. They say wait until your 6 week check, but I was sensible and went back knowing my limits (and the ability of my pelvic floor muscles!)

I really think exercise helps so much including the obvious weight loss and toning, but also mood. There’s nothing like punching and kicking a bag to satisfy a stressful day of nappies and crying.

I appear to be a ‘lucky one’ in that I was back in my normal jeans a few weeks after baby but that doesn’t mean I am 100% happy with what two babies within a year has left me. Mummies put so much pressure on themselves to look great after giving birth…. but seriously let’s take a minute and appreciate what we have actually done…. grown, nurtured and pushed out an actual human being!! ✋🏻 to us mummies seriously!
It leaves us with lumps we didn’t know could exists, flabby parts that bounce in the wrong place and well don’t even get me started on post baby, post breast feeding boobies!!!
The pressure to look good for me, is not from anyone else but purely myself, I strive for that 6 pack stomach again, well I’ll be happy with a two pack right now. But I have now come to the conclusion I can not train as much as I did before it’s impossible with two little ones, but it’s all about compromise and managing fitness expectations.

Sometimes I get to the gym and sometimes bath time, babies or general family life has to come first. Recently iv been trying to do a HIIT workout early morning. I figure I’m awake anyway (Bear has a feed at 5am 😴) and I’m already tired so I may as well take advantage of that. 15-20 minutes usually a @thebodycoach HIIT workout and job done. But I still manage to fit a kickboxing class or two in a week. image
(Cringe photo post power wave session)

I have a long way to go in terms of where I want to be, but sometimes an evening eating chocolate is priority and that’s life now!
But I have to admit when I do get to the gym, that competitive streak still raises its head and I think I can keep up with those young fit ones (I really can’t but I give it a good go)
I say less pressure, more praise, whether I get to train once next week or three times it’s better than nothing.

If you want to try some fitness at home I really recommend a HIIT workout. It’s a killer, burns fat and gets a sweat on and it’s all over in 15 minutes! And no expensive equipment needed. It’s the changing, shower and everything else that takes longer.
I may even post some good post pregnancy workouts for you in the future.

Like I say all about priorities and self credit.

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