A Bad Day at the Office

So I currently write this sat in my pjs with a cider at 7pm on a Friday evening. Rock and roll I can hear you all shouting!!


When I first started this blog I wanted to write about the realities of parenting in general not just my 1 plus 1. I assure you It is not all first smiles, play dates and laughter. I hope just one mummy who might be struggling reads this and feels normal again!!

img_8006So today has been what I describe as a bad day at the office. It started at 5am, I’d already been up once with Bear in the night, when Mop Top wakes screaming the house down. She is unconsolable, a proper melt down is happening. Both me and Mr DC trying walking, milk, nappy, Peppa Pig… nothing. So after feeding Bear again and settling him back to sleep, I find myself in my car at 645am trying to settle Mop Top back into some form of normality.
It’s very unlike her, she is completely bunged up with a bad cough so must be feeling pretty crap. So I can’t get mad at her because she is definitely under the weather and not herself.

It’s Friday which means Sing and Sign class for us; normally a lovely enjoyable class… not today, Mop Top was doing her own thing in her own world including a few melt downs along the way.
By the time evening comes, I have lost count on the amount of tantrums she’s had. At one point we were driving, she was kicking off and poor little Bear was just sat next to her minding his own business with a screaming sister in his ear.

It’s always worse when both are crying at the same time, that seemed to happen a lot today. The difference being I can generally work out what Bear wants, milk, nappy change or sleep.
For dinner Mop Top had 3 processed (disgusting) mini sausages, a yoghurt and some beans. That was her choice and I’m not messing with her today!

img_8007Typically today is the day Mr DC has been out all day, and is away tonight on a works do in Brighton. So with the help of my mum (thank goodness) I survived the day. Both babies in bed by 7pm…. how long for is another thing!
So this highlights the realities of parenting, but we get through the day, even count down the hours, but we make it to bed time.
Now I’m off for a peaceful (I hope) dinner and then to bed. It’s been a long tiring day.
Here’s to a better day tomorrow

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