10Day Exercise Challenge

cropped-cropped-logo-11.pngPre babies I was all about hitting the gym, getting sweaty and burning calories. However since babies i’v lost a whole load of energy and motivation to commit to getting my butt back in the gym.

I recently read an article in a magazine about a new exercise crazy. Ten days of HIIT workouts, everyday with no rest day. Perfect for an specific event or to squeeze into that LBD.
Well does it really work? Is it actually possible as a busy mum? I wanted to find out!!

So that was the plan…. 10 days, 10 HIIT workouts…. simple….. hmmm well this is what happened.

Day 1 full of energy & raring to go I did a 20 minute Powerwave workout. If you haven’t heard of this type before, be sure to look it up. It’s a hefty bit of equipment, but It’s only 20 minutes and an absolutely killer! It’s seems a craze at the moment. We have one at home so as soon as the babies were soundo I went to work with my Powerwave.

The next few days were ok, mixed it up with some Joe Wicks; Body Coach workouts from YouTube. Although it’s not getting any easier, I have to say I’m not really feeling that much different.

Mr DC had to force me to do my daily workout on more than one day! I have a little confession here…. I’m blaming motherhood (like I do everything else) I missed day 7 and 10. So actually it’s a 8 day challenge…oh well

I’m not going to bore you with the before and after, no one really needs to see that on a Sunday night! I lost a tiny bit of weight (didn’t change eating habits during the 10days) but little change to body shape/appearance. No LBD to test I’m afraid. I do not think its an exercise programme that’s maintainable. You body needs the rest days. Plus (playing the tired mum card again) you need a whole bucket of self motivation.

I am all for HIIT workouts as they burn fat, are quick, and don’t need to get boring. As a busy mum finding 20 minutes after the kids are in bed isn’t actually that hard, finding the energy is the hard part! The urge to snuggle down on the sofa is pretty easy.

It’s much better to do it with a gym buddy, friend or other half. They can provide the motivation that you lack.

So my view is 2/3 times a week chuck on your gym stuff, YouTube a HIIT workout (I would recommend The Body Coach) and get sweat on!


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