🎅🏻 Christmas is over for another year 🎅🏻

img_8136The built up goes on for weeks, I panic I haven’t brought enough presents, stress about wrapping then before you know it two days pass and it’s all over for another year. We have had a really great Christmas this year, dare I say it probably one of the best.
It was filled with food, drink, presents and loads of family time.
It was full on, busy and hectic at times but I wouldn’t of changed it at all.

Our Christmas’s have completely changed now we have children. For the better I might add. However this year they did not really know what was going on both being so young still. But we still did the whole Christmas magic thing.
Once the babies were in bed, I felt that urge of excitement. I finished of my home made gingerbread house.It took hours to do across a few days and it was destroyed my little hands in minutes on Christmas Day. img_8372One of our contributions to the big dinner this year was pigs in blankets. I wanted to buy them but Mr DC was adamant to make them, so I left him to his own devices to do those. He was very proud of them and they were very yummy. Our Santa jobs were done also, laying out the children’s presents by the chimney. And finally a glass of wine later we could relax and go to bed.

My parents always used to say they would have to wait for us to wake up Xmas morning and it was similar with Mop Top this year. Me and Bear were up early doors, unusual for Mop Top I was still looking at my watch at 730 for her to get up.
I’m not going to lie she was oblivious to the presents laid out carefully by Father Christmas. And actually I did most of the unwrapping.

We had planned a nice family walk to the church but the morning disappeared and before I knew it we were opening more presents and eating again.

We spent the afternoon at Mr DCs sisters and Mop Top came into her own; bossing every one around, mainly her 3 cousins. Who adore her so did everything she asked.
It was a long day and despite being shattered the babies were so well behaved.

Pjs, milk and bed ready for day 2. This time with my family. As we are officially homeless all of our belongings are being stored in my parents dining room. Which is fine all the time you don’t need to cater for a large family dinner. 16 adults, 7 children and 2 babies squeezed in to the conservatory.B

I always do a Xmas quiz, which always gets a little heated. Then the Xmas beard game was introduced… you may have seen the videos on Facebook.

Lots of family fun across both days. Which I really think is what Christmas is about.

But now I sit here two days post Xmas, decs still up, chocolate still filling the cupboard and I’m keen to have some normality back. I love Christmas but it’s really hard to stick to any form of routine. I tried to make sure the babies still napped, and went to bed on time and ate reasonably… but it’s not always possible when your here there and everywhere.

Anyway on to the year ahead, until Xmas creeps up on us again soon #360daystogo

Look out for our review of 2016 and looking ahead to 2017 soon.

lots of love




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