Peppa Pig: My 1st Cinematic Experience

If you have a small human being in your household I am pretty certain you will be aware of the famous little pink piggy called Peppa. We certainly are in our house, and I am sure Mop Top would watch Peppa Pig from the moment she wakes, sometimes 5am(!!) right through to her bed time if I let her.

Now Peppa Pig is already all over your television, there is a whole world dedicated to this little family, you may even have multiple Peppa toys….well its about to take over your life even more by hitting the big screen.

And we were really lucky to be asked to attend the preview screening of Peppa Pig: My 1st Cinematic Experience in London a few weeks ago. It worked out perfectly as I was thinking that I needed some girl time with Mop Top. So we left Bear with Daddy and off we went to the train station.

When we arrived, there was lots of excited toddlers, and slightly harassed mummies hustling and bustling around, but once we were in we enjoyed the pre-activities that had been laid out for the kiddies to enjoy. Story corner, crown making, and face painting.

You know they say never meet your idols, well that rings true for little ones to. Whilst standing in the queue to meet the REAL Peppa and George, I had a very apprehensive Mop Top gripping to my shoulder. Around me were lots of mummies hoping for a smiling photo with Peppa and George…and for most that is not what they got.


Onto the big preview…. Nine brand new episodes with some great new characters; my favourite being Kylie Kangeroo (that may give you a clue as to where Peppa ventures to)

If you are anything like me, you probably feel like you have seen every single episode of Peppa Pig available. So as a parent it was great to see some new adventures from Peppa and her friends with some actually quite funny adult jokes snuck in there to.

I wont spoil the surprise but Peppa has some pretty cool adventures; including a holiday of a lifetime time down under, and a visit to the big city. As well as the episodes the film includes interactive clips in between, with Peppa and George and their new friend Daisy. This was probably my favourite bit, as it involved the children, they had to dance, sing and shout along with them.

Mop Top was mesmerised; she sat through most of the screening, which was about an hour in total. Which is quite a long time for a 2 year old, but I think the interactive parts in between really helped maintain her attention. I did notice some people started to leave towards the end, as an hour is quite a long time for a child to sit still for.

It is a big piggy oink from us.  Peppa Pig: My 1st Cinematic Experience hits the big screen on the 7th April, and we really hope if you do decide to go and see it you enjoy it as much as we did!


Lots of Love

Kelly and Mop Top


**I was invited along to this event in exchange for this review, all the views are my own.**   P.S No pigs were harmed in the making of this film.