Positive Mental Attitude


Today I have woken up with a strange feeling; a feeling of positivity and motivation. It is 5am and normally I wake bleary eyed and wishing I could sleep for another 4 hours.

Not today, Bear still woke just before 5, but hadn’t woke during the night (yay) and we were up, doing jobs by 530!

Iv sent Mr DC out for a run, and I am busy painting some lovely bunting letters. (Feel free to check out my other hat www.facebook.com/xletterswithlovex)

Since the terrible events in Manchester and some other things Iv been helping a friend with this week I have come to realise you really don’t know what’s round that corner and we have to be grateful for the things we do have.

We get dealt a card in life and what we do with that card is our own choice. Can we change the card we are dealt? I’m not sure but I do know we can make the best of it, getting out there and making good choices.

I appreciate I sound like a really annoying motivational speaker at 6 am on a Sunday morning , and I apologies for that. And I know life can not always be a sea of positivity, but we can definately make the best of situations. Taking a step back, looking at the bigger picture and setting small goals to manage the situation.

But today it’s about positive parenting, achieving goals big or small and making the best of that card.

Why not try and do one little job today that you’ve been putting off for ages, have a lovely day!!

Love Kelly