Does my child understand NO at 19 months old?

A few days ago some one creeped into our house, and put a secret ‘terrible two’ spell on my 19 month old child. Literally all I have said recently is ‘NO’ since Mop Top has turned into the devil.

She has learnt how to turn the television off, finds it very funny… I do not find this funny, especially after she has done it for the 5th time that morning. She decided to bite my niece during play time. And has just generally been a naughty pickle for the past few days.


If she is doing something wrong or naughty, I always say no in my loud daddy voice, and have threatened to introduce the naughty step. However at 19 months would she really understand this form of discipline. She uses the word ‘no’ for other things so I think she knows what it means, but I wonder if its different when used in a form of discipline.  

Its catch 22 as if she doesn’t understand why she is on the naughty step what’s the point, but then I don’t want to leave it to late when she running the place because we missed that window of disciplining. Ah Man this parenting malarkey gets more complicated every day!!

She is only 19 months so I just know its going to get worse when we hit the well known ‘terrible two’ period. I love that she is a feisty independent stubborn little girl, but my gosh she is going to test me.

Tonight calls for wine and chocolate, she is at Nanny and Grandad’s tomorrow… poor