The mountains of all tantrums


Mop Top is 4 weeks of her 2 birthday, but I have definitely noticed some ‘terrible two’ type behaviours as of late……
However today we hit an all time high on the toddler tantrum spectrum.

She had been really good all morning so I agreed she could have some sweets to eat after lunch. We went to the shops and brought two packs; one for Mop Top and one for my niece Sophie.
Mop Top fell asleep on the way home so I put her straight up when we got in. Not long later she woke, very much earlier than normal. Here was the first down hill step to tantrum city!
I then (shockingly) said she couldn’t eat sweets for lunch, what a horrible mummy, well all hell broke loose. Crying, screaming, snot, tears, noise and more noise. I tried reasoning, persuasion, and even threatening… Nothing but loud noise.

At this point my mum and dad were in the room, whilst Bear and Sophie were still trying to have lunch. There is nothing worse than your parents watching you trying to parent.
After trying to reason with a 23 month old, the only option was time out in her cot to calm down. As you can imagine this didn’t go down well. More screaming, more noise….. Now I’m running out of options.

Thank fully an hour and 15 minutes later (yes I know!!) she seemed to calm down. I got her out of her cot, and she actually ate something that wasn’t sweets. Well she had crisps and a yoghurt but better than sweets surely.


I feel like this is the first of many, but wowzer I need to up my game in the tantrum handling game. It’s funny the emotions parenting brings, one minute I’m rocking motherhood and next I’m close to tears and unable to handle a two year old.

I am currently drinking alcohol and eating chocolate, that’s my coping strategy! Would love to hear your tantrum stories, comment below.

Love Kelly


3 thoughts on “The mountains of all tantrums”

  1. Hats off to you Kelly, I’m dreading the Terrible 2s, my little one is only 11 months and is already throwing tantrums. I need earplugs for sure. Good luck Hun x

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