Sh*t Happens…. Literally

The following article contains the word POO and I must note no poo was harmed in the making of this blog post! You have been warned!

We have made it almost 2 years with children having not had to do this and I have to say I was hoping I would never have to do it…But yesterday the pivotal event of all parenting occurred in our house.

Let me set the scene for a minute; both babies in the bath, all going swimmingly (no pun intended) Then Mr DC swiftly got two babies out of the bath consecutively. He then very calmly says ‘erm Mollie has pooed in the bath’

Oh great, he very cleverly starts dealing with the children, leaving me to deal with said poo! What the hell do you use to get a turd out of water! Oh come on they don’t teach you this in ante natal class!

I have to say I had bloggers hat on and actually took a photo first, however I don’t feel it is appropriate to share here. It is available on request 😳

Anyway I use a jug (the jug we use to wash the children’s hair… Must remove to wash that!) and actually it was much harder than I thought. Picture this… Me with a jug trying to manoeuvre it round 2 little ducks, a plastic dolphin and a upside down boat! I have to say it took me a few attempts to capture the little floater but 1-0 to mummy!

Mr DC obviously found this hilarious, and I have noted this and he is on poo bath duty next time it happens!


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