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cropped-cropped-logo-12.pngA few days ago I wrote about the shock a newborn. So move forward a few months (only about 3 actually) and we have another shock of being pregnant again. Yes I did cry for quite a few weeks but we got used to the idea and now we have two beautiful babies.

People often ask is it much different from having 1 baby and if you have more than 1 baby you may agree or disagree with my view on this. (Would love to hear your comments on this.)

When Bear was born, Mop Top was 5 days short of her first birthday. We were still in nappies, still having bottles and still very dependant on mummy. So add another one to the mix who is also very dependant on mummy and you have a very busy life.

But I look at it like this…..I was already changing nappies, sterilising bottles and making up formula so actually we just carried on with our normal routine with the added work load. Yes it’s busy, crazy and manic all the same time but I genuinely think having 2 is more manageable than 1.

With 1 baby, mummy has to do all the entertaining, but now Mop Top will entertain Bear with no problems (she does need to be told to be gentle sometimes)

There are a few problems with 2 babies…. when they both cry. Who to go to first? Your favourite? Haha just kidding! When Bear was smaller and cried there were only a certain number of things he wanted; milk, change nappy or sleep. So usually I’d sort Mop Top with whatever she needed then could concentrate on what Bear needed. yes it does mean Bear sometimes cries longer than I would like, but I only have one pair of hands.   

Two babies does take me a pretty long time to go anyway and I have to take what feels like a suitcase full of stuff with me everywhere. Its pretty much a military operation; shoes on, coat on, Bear and bag in the car, then Mop Top in, check buggy, lock door and we are good to go.
I have to say currently Bear is not on the move so my opinion may change when he starts to move about as I will need eyes in the back of my head!

It is double the work load, packing double in the back, two lots of milk, two piles of clothes but I say being organised helps with that.

We often need a few deep breaths, and a few bars of chocolate to get us through but going from 1 to 1+1 has not been as bad as I thought.

Have you got more than 1 child, what’s your thoughts on this? If you only have 1 child now, are you dreading having another?


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