Pre-holiday Jitters

With the countdown of our first family holiday now well and truly into single figures, my holiday anxiety is climbing somewhat.

Before children, I thought nothing of packing a few things in a suitcase, booking a holiday online a few weeks before and off we went. Its a whole different story with two babies in tow…..Image result for travelling baby meme

I started packing about 2 months ago… nothing like being prepared right. And now our holiday is imminent I have packed up everything including the kitchen sink ready to go. I have clothes for the children to wear until Christmas, nappies coming out my ears and travelling snacks to feed approximately 50 people.

I am not the best traveller (pretty big understatement if I’m honest) but now we are taking two children on an aeroplane my anxiety levels will no doubt be through the roof come boarding time. Although I will be super anxious travelling with two littles ones, I really don’t want my nerves to rub off onto the babies. I want them to be good travellers, enjoy travelling and want to see the world. I am put off going to so many countries purely because of the length of time needed to travel to get there.

We are staying in an all inclusive resort, so once we are there we will pretty much stay put for 7 days, which is fine by me. However there are so many things that worry me despite being settled in one place. The water, balconies, the food, the people. I guess its just being away from your home comforts, away from people you know, people and things you rely on.

In the lead up to this holiday, I have read quite a bit about travelling with babies. I have found some great reads about this topic. Especially Carrie from Flying with a Baby who helped with my in flight entertainment  for the babies. I also found Bridie By The Sea article about their trip to Australia really helpful. (There’s me worrying about a 2 hour flight??!?)

I was going to write my top tips for holidaying with young children, but actually I thought Id better survive this holiday first! I have a feeling I may need a holiday to get over the holiday but as long as the children are fed and have a good time that’s all that matters at the end of the day!

If you have any last minute top tips, feel free to pop a comment here.

Love Kelly xx


One thought on “Pre-holiday Jitters”

  1. Good luck, I’m sure the holiday will be great. I get anxiety preholiday’s too, but I find as long as I leave plenty of time for everything it’s fine.
    I’m taking a flight in August on my own with my 2 daughters so I’m sure I’ll be stressing about that as we get nearer. I’ll be accompanied until security and picked up at the other end, but in between 😫😫😫

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