Mumma Guilt

My mum onceĀ told me parenting is 80% guilt, and you know what they say your mum is always right! and I am finding out how true this is on a daily basis.

I previously wrote about the guilt I faced at Christmas. Well I am finding it is a constant battle between being the perfect parent and giving in ‘just this once’ both followed by ‘mumma guilt’

If you like our facebook page; funwith1plus1 (feel free to click and like) you will know the Easter Bunny took Mop Tops dummies last week. I had been prepping her for a few weeks that the bunny would take the dummies but may leave her something yummy in return. So Easter Sunday arrived and she merrily put her dummies in a basket and as if by magic they were gone and had been replaced with a little present and some chocolate. So far so good.

We were pretty busy the whole weekend so it hasn’t seemed to bother her too much. Nap times are a bit more of a battle but actually she has coped really well with out it.

It wasn’t until I went into to get Bear the other night as he was crying that I looked at her innocent sleepy face (they share a room) with no dummy in, that the guilt hit me. What a mean mummy taking away her only little comfort. By this point I am sobbing to Mr DC telling him I am a horrible parent! I convinced myself she definitely hated me, and would remember this for an entire life time. Ok I am sleep deprived so am entitled to exaggerate a little.

I remember feeling a wave of guilt when Bear was small; as I wasn’t able to do everything with him that I had done with Mop Top. I took Mop Top to Baby Sensory, but it just wasn’t possible with Bear. Mop Top had lots of new things as a baby, but poor little Bear everything was second hand. Second child syndrome right there.

This ‘mumma guilt’ carries on everyday with every decision we make as parents. We are raising these small human beings and based on our choices and decisions determines the adults they become.

WOW what a scary statement!

But hey we can only do our best right! Some days, usually after a sleepless night I just give in to the demands of my very demanding 20 month old and some days I try to stick to my guns and I am in charge. I have to say I very rarely feel in charge, its usually Mop Top.

Do you suffer ‘mumma guilt’ I would love to hear your stories…

Love Kelly


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