How life has changed!


If you have recently had a baby I imagine you are quickly realising your life will never be the same again.

It has occurred to me recently how my life has changed since having babies. So here are my top ten:

1: I can no longer wee with the door shut. It’s a privelage that automatically gets taken away as soon as you give birth.

2: It’s a given that I will always share my food with one or both of my children.

3: I can no longer leave the house with just my phone and keys.

4: ‘popping’ to the shop does not happen. It’s a military operation to go anywhere

5: I will sing at least one nursery rhyme a day (it is way more than this!!!)

6: I don’t even flinch at the smell of baby poo. It’s part of my day now!!

7: I can not go out and get wasted on a Saturday night. (Well I can but a hangover plus babies do born mix well!)

8: Birthdays and Christmas have a whole new meaning now.

9: Dinner times are loud, manic and normally full of choo choo trains!

10: We are in bed my 9pm most nights. (Got to get those few extra minutes sleep)

I know people say it all the time but I genuinely can’t imagine my life with out my babies. ❤️

Woyld love to hear how your life has changed since babies?


Kelly ❤️

One thought on “How life has changed!”

  1. My life has definitely changed in most of the ways that you’ve mentioned. Date night is a whole operation on its own for us. We have to get a babysitter and decide on a place that’s close by. Finding a kindergarten for my son is giving me an anxiety attack. We don’t sleep at 9 though, only my husband does that. I stay up and catch up on some “me-time”, but all in all it’s totally worth it. So worth it that I’d consider going through all of it again. 🙂 Love to you and your family. <3

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