Epic Parenting Fail


I told you all at the beginning that this blog would be fun, fails and everything inbetween. Well I feel it’s time for a fail. I imagine every parent has them, that moment when you really want the parenting police to come and take you away and put you in a very dark room!

Since having two babies, the amount of times I have questioned my parenting skills has risen quite dramatically.
When I had Theo Bear, we decided to take Mollie out of nursery (a whole load of parenting guilt for another blog) so now I am really conscious to make sure we go to different places and different groups so she can socialise and play with others.
This week we ventured to Jo Jingles at our local children’s centre. Iv become pretty good, I think, at managing two under 14 months. This occasion was very different…

On arrival I am feeling stressed as I know it is creeping towards feed time for Bear. Breast feeding at home is no problem as Mop Top can entertain herself with her own toys, being out still panics me at times. As I find a chair to sit and feed, Mop Top begins the down hill spiral of this fail. She’s crying, pointing to our bag. Having a 12 week baby latched on to my boobs means it is pretty difficult to help, so she is now collapsed to the floor crying. I can do nothing right now.
The lady running the group wanted to get started so she tries to take Mop Tops hand but she was not having that! The group started without us, which was no problem, while I carried on feeding.

When we had eventually joined the group, Bear had perfectly timed a nappy filling moment. So a quick change in the corner for both.ย Unfortunately that didn’t cut it, my bag was then emptied across the floor. And I seemed to be pretty unprepared for our outing… No milk…. No dummy…. No snack…. Bad mum alert!!
The musical instruments were enough to distract Mop Top for a while. With Bear laying on a mat enjoying the music, Mop Top is being the loving big sister and playing a shaker for him. All very cute for a few minutes until she changes from loving big sister to ย  ย  Over enthusiastic discus thrower and launches the hard plastic shaker at bears little head. ย The mums either side of me all gasp, and I feel daggers staring at me; wondering how I’m going to handle this. Bear is screaming at the top of his voice, which prompts Mop Top to start crying, all the time the lady at the front continues to sing! Feeling very flustered , I attempt to pretend to be the in control mother. My parenting skills again questioned, when one of the ladies in charge comes to me at the end and says ‘is he ok?’ In what I hear her say in a patronising manner (I’m sure it wasnt) I feel like she’s going to ring social services any minute.

The group finishes, thank goodness.ย Mop Top is super tired so I resume position of baby wearing and toddler carrying back to the car (I am rapidly becoming a pro at carrying Bear in the sling and balancing Mop Top on my hip). My struggles continue all the way home as Mop Top decides she REALLY wants milk, which I don’t have.

Phew we made it home in kind of one piece, wine and chocolate is now on the menu tonight. Let’s hope the group is more successful next week!!


Love Kelly 1 +1



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