Day Out: Leeds Castle

imageToday I had Mop Top which is unusual for a Thursday as she’s normally at her nanny and grandads.
So as my mum has my niece; Sophie chops we decided to go out for the day. Leeds Castle was the chosen destination.
Packed the car, 3 babies, 2 adults, bags, coats, carrier, buggy, buggy board…. full car!

The car park was empty when we arrived, and we have annual tickets so we walked straight in. Bear was asleep so he went on the buggy along with Mop Top. Sophie walked for a bit but hopped on and off the buggy board. This is were my fav UPPAbaby double pushchair comes in handy. I love it, I can fit bags, coats etc plus children packed in safely. However with a FULL buggy it is pretty heavy.

It’s quite a walk from the entrance so that’s our exercise for the day. Although it is a lovely walk, with so many ducks. Mop Top loves ducks and birds so she was in her element.
We decided to grab a hot drink when we got to the play area. But to our disappointment the Maze Cafe wasn’t open and with no signs letting us know it felt like a wasted walk. The play area is pretty cool, in the style of a fort. So the girls had a little play. It was quite muddy but they enjoyed the zip wire swing.
A walk back to the Fairfax restaurant, which is quite posh for lunch especially with 3 kids in tow. And we proved this right during lunch.
First up Mop Top… she now thinks she’s too big to sit in a high chair so is determined to sit on a normal chair. This backfired today when she fell off a chair onto a concrete floor and screamed the place down. You know it’s bad when people start to shuffle in their seats and peer over there shoulder.

Well it didn’t end there; Sophie then bent under the big wooden table and really banged her head on the way up making the loudest bang that echoed through the room.
To top of off, Mop Top then filled her nappy which stunk our area out! Perfect timing eh.

It was a slight relief when a mum on the next table was telling her child off as he wasn’t eating his dinner and was kicking off about it.

We quickly left and made the walk back to the car. Although days out with my 1plus1 and extra are hard work, they are definitely worth it.

Love Kelly

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