Confessions of Motherhood

I find when people talk about motherhood, children and parenting in general often the reality is blurred. So these are my top six honest confessions of motherhood…..

  1. I very often eat quickly and in secret. While Mop Top is pre-occupied I speed into the kitchen, go to the goody cupboard and stuff a piece of chocolate or a biscuit in my mouth. Chew as fast as I can as I return to the lounge where she hasn’t even noticed my disappearance.
  2. I don’t shower every day….Yes iv said it now, its out there. Some days either I just don’t get time, or I am just too tired and id rather 10 minutes more in bed!
  3. I have told Mop Top a toy is broken just so I don’t have to hear the annoying music it plays for the 100th time that day.
  4. Some early mornings (like 5am) I pretend I cant hear Mop Top stirring until I know Mr DC is about to go see to her. (I know he does the same!)
  5. I often leave the house with the smell of sick, poo and wee covered up with multiple sprays of perfume.
  6. Sometimes I just give in for an easy life. Give in to the request of chocolate for a little bit of peace.


I’m sure there are plenty of other points I could confess about here, but I really don’t want you to completely judge me as a mother.

Anyway must dash, have a spare few seconds to secretly eat something yummy


Love Kelly





5 thoughts on “Confessions of Motherhood”

  1. Haha all totally true……letting quite often my child eats random food of the floor and I don’t stop him 😮

  2. Oh yes! That first one is me – sneakily eating chocolate biscuits in the kitchen! I used to break them up, put them in some tissue and then into my dressing gown pocket!!! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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