Play in the rain… I dare you

This morning I watched an article on Lorraine with Marina Fogle. They were basically discussing if we wrap our children in bubble wrap these days. And it really got me thinking. Marina Fogle told a story about how she ‘let’ her daughter fall down the stairs. Before you all go crazy she ‘set’ it up as safely as she could, with cushions and pillows and the theory was her little girl would learn herself how to manage the stairs safely.

So I spent the rest of the day keeping track of how many times I said ‘be careful’ ‘slow down’ etc and turns out it was quite a lot. I even got thinking about activities I do and don’t let them do. Going in the garden with no shoes on, playing out in the rain; two things I generally don’t let the kids do. Which writing them out now sound ridiculously.

This afternoon we put wellies on, coats on and went for a walk…. It was raining!! Call the police! Haha

Im pretty sure when I was a child and even more so when my parents were small, we were left to get on with things. There wasn’t child locks, stair gates and so many child safety gadgets.

So how do we promote indepedance in our children without causing them harm.  Would love to hear your thoughts on how safety conscious you are with your little ones?

I am really going to try and let my two explore their own independance, with me a few extra steps behind. Well try at least!



We Survived…. Here’s our top tips

Having been home a few weeks I have reflected on our first trip and despite the hideous journey (check it out here) it was a pretty successful holiday. I have to say a very different holiday to what we are used to, but different in a good way.

As promised here are my top tips for travelling with small children…

1: Snacks: take lots of snacks for the journey. Those times when you need a bit of indoor time in the room, snacks from home really helped us!

2: Books wrapped up. This sounds like a silly one and the people around us on the plane thought I was barmy. But every often I would hand Mop Top a present wrapped in Christmas paper. It was a book, stickers, her toys. But it passed the time as she was excited to open in then excited to play/ read whatever was inside. They weren’t expensive items just stickers books etc and even some of her toys from home.

3: Relax your routine: our babies still needed naps, bed time routine, food/ milk at certain times despite being in a different country. I am all about routine, but I really tried to relax about timings and just went with what the babies wanted whenever it was.

4: Stroller: we brought 2 cheap stroller in the Mothercare sale and I have to say they were a god send. It meant the babies could nap in the day without us having to sit in the room for 2 hours. It meant i could get them off to sleep then send Mr DC to the bar for my Pina Colada!

5 Take lots of nappies, swimming and normal: we ran out on the last day and had to buy a pack from the local supermarket…. €17 for 17 nappies!!

These are my top five tips for holidaying with babies. It was a very different Holiday to what we are used to. We didn’t relax for one moment, and in fact I could do with another holiday about now, but it was lovely, and great to have some family time.

Whether we go on a plane again is still up for debate but we will definitely be holidaying again next year.

image(Lame holiday selfie)

Happy Holidays X

10Day Exercise Challenge

cropped-cropped-logo-11.pngPre babies I was all about hitting the gym, getting sweaty and burning calories. However since babies i’v lost a whole load of energy and motivation to commit to getting my butt back in the gym.

I recently read an article in a magazine about a new exercise crazy. Ten days of HIIT workouts, everyday with no rest day. Perfect for an specific event or to squeeze into that LBD.
Well does it really work? Is it actually possible as a busy mum? I wanted to find out!!

So that was the plan…. 10 days, 10 HIIT workouts…. simple….. hmmm well this is what happened.

Day 1 full of energy & raring to go I did a 20 minute Powerwave workout. If you haven’t heard of this type before, be sure to look it up. It’s a hefty bit of equipment, but It’s only 20 minutes and an absolutely killer! It’s seems a craze at the moment. We have one at home so as soon as the babies were soundo I went to work with my Powerwave.

The next few days were ok, mixed it up with some Joe Wicks; Body Coach workouts from YouTube. Although it’s not getting any easier, I have to say I’m not really feeling that much different.

Mr DC had to force me to do my daily workout on more than one day! I have a little confession here…. I’m blaming motherhood (like I do everything else) I missed day 7 and 10. So actually it’s a 8 day challenge…oh well

I’m not going to bore you with the before and after, no one really needs to see that on a Sunday night! I lost a tiny bit of weight (didn’t change eating habits during the 10days) but little change to body shape/appearance. No LBD to test I’m afraid. I do not think its an exercise programme that’s maintainable. You body needs the rest days. Plus (playing the tired mum card again) you need a whole bucket of self motivation.

I am all for HIIT workouts as they burn fat, are quick, and don’t need to get boring. As a busy mum finding 20 minutes after the kids are in bed isn’t actually that hard, finding the energy is the hard part! The urge to snuggle down on the sofa is pretty easy.

It’s much better to do it with a gym buddy, friend or other half. They can provide the motivation that you lack.

So my view is 2/3 times a week chuck on your gym stuff, YouTube a HIIT workout (I would recommend The Body Coach) and get sweat on!


A change in fitness post babies

imageThose of you that know me, will know pre babies I was all about fitness, competing and staying on weight. I was a full contact kickboxer and competed to a high level (feel free to YouTube)

Well I really tried to stay on track when I was pregnant. In fact I trained right up until about 38 weeks with Mop Top despite most people saying I was mad. But when your body is so used to do something I had to be doing something, whether it be just a few circuits or a blast on the bags.

However post two babies my fitness regime is somewhat different. I was eager to get back in the gym and did so sensibly pretty soon after having both Mop Top and Bear. I think only you know your own body. They say wait until your 6 week check, but I was sensible and went back knowing my limits (and the ability of my pelvic floor muscles!)

I really think exercise helps so much including the obvious weight loss and toning, but also mood. There’s nothing like punching and kicking a bag to satisfy a stressful day of nappies and crying.

I appear to be a ‘lucky one’ in that I was back in my normal jeans a few weeks after baby but that doesn’t mean I am 100% happy with what two babies within a year has left me. Mummies put so much pressure on themselves to look great after giving birth…. but seriously let’s take a minute and appreciate what we have actually done…. grown, nurtured and pushed out an actual human being!! ✋🏻 to us mummies seriously!
It leaves us with lumps we didn’t know could exists, flabby parts that bounce in the wrong place and well don’t even get me started on post baby, post breast feeding boobies!!!
The pressure to look good for me, is not from anyone else but purely myself, I strive for that 6 pack stomach again, well I’ll be happy with a two pack right now. But I have now come to the conclusion I can not train as much as I did before it’s impossible with two little ones, but it’s all about compromise and managing fitness expectations.

Sometimes I get to the gym and sometimes bath time, babies or general family life has to come first. Recently iv been trying to do a HIIT workout early morning. I figure I’m awake anyway (Bear has a feed at 5am 😴) and I’m already tired so I may as well take advantage of that. 15-20 minutes usually a @thebodycoach HIIT workout and job done. But I still manage to fit a kickboxing class or two in a week. image
(Cringe photo post power wave session)

I have a long way to go in terms of where I want to be, but sometimes an evening eating chocolate is priority and that’s life now!
But I have to admit when I do get to the gym, that competitive streak still raises its head and I think I can keep up with those young fit ones (I really can’t but I give it a good go)
I say less pressure, more praise, whether I get to train once next week or three times it’s better than nothing.

If you want to try some fitness at home I really recommend a HIIT workout. It’s a killer, burns fat and gets a sweat on and it’s all over in 15 minutes! And no expensive equipment needed. It’s the changing, shower and everything else that takes longer.
I may even post some good post pregnancy workouts for you in the future.

Like I say all about priorities and self credit.

🎅🏻 Christmas is over for another year 🎅🏻

img_8136The built up goes on for weeks, I panic I haven’t brought enough presents, stress about wrapping then before you know it two days pass and it’s all over for another year. We have had a really great Christmas this year, dare I say it probably one of the best.
It was filled with food, drink, presents and loads of family time.
It was full on, busy and hectic at times but I wouldn’t of changed it at all.

Our Christmas’s have completely changed now we have children. For the better I might add. However this year they did not really know what was going on both being so young still. But we still did the whole Christmas magic thing.
Once the babies were in bed, I felt that urge of excitement. I finished of my home made gingerbread house.It took hours to do across a few days and it was destroyed my little hands in minutes on Christmas Day. img_8372One of our contributions to the big dinner this year was pigs in blankets. I wanted to buy them but Mr DC was adamant to make them, so I left him to his own devices to do those. He was very proud of them and they were very yummy. Our Santa jobs were done also, laying out the children’s presents by the chimney. And finally a glass of wine later we could relax and go to bed.

My parents always used to say they would have to wait for us to wake up Xmas morning and it was similar with Mop Top this year. Me and Bear were up early doors, unusual for Mop Top I was still looking at my watch at 730 for her to get up.
I’m not going to lie she was oblivious to the presents laid out carefully by Father Christmas. And actually I did most of the unwrapping.

We had planned a nice family walk to the church but the morning disappeared and before I knew it we were opening more presents and eating again.

We spent the afternoon at Mr DCs sisters and Mop Top came into her own; bossing every one around, mainly her 3 cousins. Who adore her so did everything she asked.
It was a long day and despite being shattered the babies were so well behaved.

Pjs, milk and bed ready for day 2. This time with my family. As we are officially homeless all of our belongings are being stored in my parents dining room. Which is fine all the time you don’t need to cater for a large family dinner. 16 adults, 7 children and 2 babies squeezed in to the conservatory.B

I always do a Xmas quiz, which always gets a little heated. Then the Xmas beard game was introduced… you may have seen the videos on Facebook.

Lots of family fun across both days. Which I really think is what Christmas is about.

But now I sit here two days post Xmas, decs still up, chocolate still filling the cupboard and I’m keen to have some normality back. I love Christmas but it’s really hard to stick to any form of routine. I tried to make sure the babies still napped, and went to bed on time and ate reasonably… but it’s not always possible when your here there and everywhere.

Anyway on to the year ahead, until Xmas creeps up on us again soon #360daystogo

Look out for our review of 2016 and looking ahead to 2017 soon.

lots of love




Christmas Quiz Fun


So it’s Christmas Eve and I sit here a little smug as both babies are in bed, and I have done all my Christmas jobs…. Bags packed, outfits laid out, gingerbread house ready, pigs in blankets ready to take to the sister in laws and wine in hand.

As its my first Christmas as a ‘blogger’ I have decided to join in with the Christmas Tag craze. I have been nominated by Catherine from Mama Cat + Baby Bee. So here goes….

Whats your favourite Christmas movie?

It has to be the classic Home Alone. Although Mop Top has just got into 101 Dalmations, so that has been a constant on our television this Christmas.

Have you ever had a white Christmas?

No, actually thinking about it I don’t think I have. To be honest I don’t really like the snow, and would prefer it just to be winter cold.

Where do you usually spend your holidays?

As both myself and Mr DC have large families, for the past few years we have alternated where we spend Christmas Day and Boxing Day. This year we are going to Mr DC’s sisters for Christmas Day and then my parents Boxing Day.

We spend Christmas morning having a fully cooked breakfast and opening presents in our pyjamas.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

It has to be Jingle Bells, a classic I can sing at the top of my voice with the kiddies and know all the words!

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

We don’t open any presents Christmas Eve, however we did have a conversation about it just today. I read a tradition about a couple who opened their presents from each other on Christmas Eve because it was so manic Christmas Day with kiddies presents etc. Which I actually I quite like the idea off.

Can you name all of santas reindeers? 

Errr…. No I don’t think I can. Rudolph, Blitzen, Prancer. Poor effort I know!

Which holiday tradition are you looking forward to this year? 

Well I love a Christmas quiz, which I normally write. This year we will be playing it on Boxing Day.

In terms of other traditions we don’t have many as a family yet, but as the babies get older I hope we can make some that they remember.

Is you Christmas tree real or fake? 

It is a fake tree, but I really want a real one next year. I think that may be one of our new traditions, going to get the tree as a family.

What is your all time favourite treat/ food?

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Be honest, do you like giving or receiving gifts better? 

I love buying family presents, but I do love receiving a present the best.

What is the best Christmas present you have ever received? 

Ooo tough one. Very random but the most memorable present I received as a child was a skate board. Yes I know very random, it was obviously what I was into back then. Don’t worry you won’t catch me out on my skate board this year.

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season? 

Home, I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be than home with family. It just wouldn’t be Christmas if I were anywhere else.

Are you a pro present wrapper or do you still fail miserably?

in my head I am a pro present wrapper but in reality they normally look bodged together. But my thoughts are how it’s wrapped doesn’t matter as it’ll be ripped of before you know it.

Most memorable Christmas moment? 

When we were children, my dad used to pretend he was pulling a horse out of the dining room as a present for my brother. We fell for it every year, and eventually became a running joke. He never did get a horse for Christmas.

What made you realise the truth about Santa? 

I really don’t remember finding out the big ‘truth’ about Santa. We always just went along with the spirit of Christmas. It saddens me now when i hear my 8 year old nephew talking about the possibilities of Santa nor being real, as he seems so young. I love the whole fairy tale around Christmas and can’t wait until my two are really into it.

What makes the holidays special for you? 

Family time and magic, I just love the whole idea of being together with family, eating, laughing and enjoying the magic of Christmas. Although my two aren’t really aware of the whole Christmas thing yet, but I am so excited to start really enjoying them enjoying it!

As its Chrsitmas Eve, I am not tagging anyone to take part, but feel free to play along if you’d like to.

id like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and really hope it is filled with love and laughter…. And maybe food and drink too.

Lots of Love

Kelly and my 1plus1



You really don’t know tiredness until you are a parent!

img_8088Since becoming a parent I have come to realise there is tired and then there’s parent tiredness. It’s a whole other ball game.

Some days I wake in the morning and genuinely do not know how I am going to make it to lunch time let alone dinner time. But somehow I do…. everyday we make it through the day.
Remember when you used to party till 4am, get up and go to work then next day….. oh how my life has changed! Haha
I’m sure there must be some form of auto pilot that triggers as soon as you have children. You are up all night with the baby then carry on all day.
We have recently purchased FitBits, which can really highlight the broken little sleep we’ve had. Sometimes I take mine off at night as I really don’t need that depressive moment in the morning when my phone tells me I’ve had 4hours on average that night!

Mop Top is really good during the night, 99% of the time we don’t hear from her 7pm-6am but Bear is still a little pickle at night. Sometimes feeding 2-3 times, but he is getting there. I keep telling myself it is for a really short period of time. This time next year (when hopefully he is sleeping through) I’ll be wishing he was diddy again!

img_8009Anyway it’s 9:33 and I am still awake missing out on valuable sleeping hours. So as my Nan and grandad used to say……
Good night. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bug bites, if they do whack em on the head with a great big shoe

Breast…Bottle…Bottle…Breast. Does it matter how I feed my baby??

We all know the big never ending breastfeeding debate continues and mums continue to feel judged by how they decide to feed their baby.

Now I breastfed Mop Top for about 3 months and am currently breastfeeding Bear, not because I have an over whelming desire to but I guess just because I felt I should. (By who I’m not sure)

img_7984I can’t even count the amount of times I have been asked ‘are you feeding baby yourself?’….. no I’m starving him!!! I know full well they mean am I breastfeeding but I just don’t understand why people ask that question. In fact I found myself asking a friend recently if she was breastfeeding her newborn and her response felt like she was justifying why she was bottle feeding. Why on earth should us mums feel the need to justify how we feed our baby. I had one lady mid way through an exercise class say ‘are you breast feeding, it’s so easy isn’t it’ well actually no it’s not!!

I can feel my self getting angry as I’m writing this. But I feel we have enough pressures put on us as new mums without the added stress of trying to fulfil societies desire for us to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding Mop Top was never easy, i am not one of those mums who took to breastfeeding like a duck to water (excuse that saying.) I felt awkward, could never get the right position, always seemed to wear the wrong top, used to finish feeding with huge wet patches on me. So when I got mastitis around 3 months that was the final straw and she went to formula.
I remember when Bear was born, it was about day 4 and breastfeeding was proving so hard. I sat in our bedroom and cried in pain as Bear screamed for more milk, with a feeling of guilt smothering me as Mr DC suggested we give him formula. I wanted him to have breast milk so was convinced I’d be able to pump exclusively. I sent Mr DC out at about 9o clock at night to buy a manual pump. I’d googled it, asked friends who’d done it and it was possible.
Oh wow what a faff!!! Every 2 hours up I’d go pump what I could and then feed him that way. It didn’t last long as for us it just wasn’t doable especially with a demanding 12 month old.
Now I am combination feeding Bear and have done since about six weeks. I heard the teat/nipple confusion argument from multiple health visitors but felt it was right for us. We opted for Avent bottles as were advertised as naturally shaped teats ideal for combination feeding. So we introduced one bottle at lunch time and one at bed time the rest he has from the breast. For us this works, I feel less pressure, Mr DC can do bed times, the lunch time bottle fits in with Mop Top. He is now 4 months and this way is working really well.

img_7982I appreciate the whole breast is best debate but surely the formula made today is as nutritious and nourishing as needed. If i compare Mop Top who had 3 months of breast milk with my friends baby who was bottle fed from birth, developmentally they are exactly the same, at the same stage and doing similar things.

It is 2016 and mums are still being judged on whether they breast or bottle feed their baby. It’s crazy. Mums should do what they feel is right and fits into their life style.

I really do not want to get into a breast feeding vs bottle feeding debate, but wanted to share our experience. If you are the mum who exclusively breast fed right up to age 1…. great, if you bottle feed your baby from birth …. great! As long as that baby is well fed, well loved does it really matter.

img_7986Please don’t judge us mums as we are all in this together and it is by no means a competition.

Have a great weekend
Love Kelly

Arts and Craft

Most toddlers like to make a mess, and this is why I did this activity outside. I have to admit it took me longer to set up and tidy away than the time Mop Top actually spent doing any of it. Isn’t that the case with so many of the activities us parents spend ages thinking of.
In Poundland they sell cut out people in card, a pack of 15. Our local Poundland is currently selling everything at 90p due to a pound shop competitor across the road, so I try stock up on arts and craft when I’m in there. You’ll be surprised how much they do in there. Paint, brushes, pens all sorts.

IMG_3695.JPGSo I purchased a pack of these plus a few paints we already had and laid them out on the garden table. We didn’t have any aprons so we improvised with one of grandads old shirts.
Gave her a paint brush and of she went. I can’t see me retiring on the sales of her art work as she was more interested in licking the brush, painting the table and generally causing a mess.
The thought was there though right……

Anyway although she didn’t produce a magical piece of artwork for the fridge she had fun, experimented with paint and had a good afternoon and I guess for me as a parent that’s what it’s about. It doesn’t matter if my creative activities don’t go to plan, I know she’s enjoying her self.

If you have any quick craft ideas for me, leave a comment, tweet us or post on our page
Love Kelly