Family Swim


I have recently cancelled Mop Tops swimming lessons due to the pool being too cold. So we decided that Sunday mornings would be our family swimming sessions. Our local pool have a parent and toddler only period first thing on a Sunday. So off we went bright and early with 1 plus 1, and to be honest I as dreading it! Mr DC came with us so I did have an extra pair of hands, but I can still feel anxiety kicking in as I’m packing the bags. Talking of bags…. For two tiny humans they sure do need a lot of stuff…. Swimming nappy, body warmer, happy nappy, swimming costume, wet wipes, clean clothes, towels the list goes on.
Bear had been fed before we left, so knew that wouldn’t cause any issue mid way through. When we arrived we shipped two kids, what felt like hundred of of bags and ourselves into the changing room. Mr DC took Mop Top and I took Bear. So far so good.
In what I thought was my organised state I had grabbed all the nappies we needed. However as Mr DC changed Mop Top she had a pull up instead of a swimming nappy and no happy nappy. Yes we risked it, put on the pull up and hoped for the best. Parenting fail number 1.

Both babies did well in the water. Bear has been once before so still getting used to it. I submerged him, and introduced a few key words we use with Mop Top. She has not been enjoying her lessons previously due to the temperate at a different pool, but today she seemed to enjoy it again, managing to splash and kick with daddy.

We even managed to get both babies and ourselves dressed with not to many problems. Bear did kick off at the end, but he was super tired, and Mr DC successfully got him to sleep before we left.

So we survived our first family swimming trip, with only 1 parenting fail! And added bonus both babies asleep when we got home, which meant a quick peaceful bacon sandwich for me and Mr DC.

We hope you had a great weekend.

Love Kelly and Mr DC