That Sympathetic Smile

So picture this… you are in the supermarket, two babies in the trolley. Both crying; one tired and one hungry. It’s packed, people and trolleys everywhere. Your flustered, not sure which baby to soothe first. Then you get that look…… you know the one I mean from passers by. They feel slightly sorry for you, but glad they are not in your shoes.
Well I’ve labelled this ‘the sympathetic smile’

I remember seeing it when I had just Mop Top, but I am so much more aware of it now I have 2 babies. That slightly raised smile, head tilt and sometimes an ‘ahh’ thrown in. I even get it when both babies are content in the buggy. They are basically saying ‘ooo wouldn’t like to be you right now’ or ‘wow you’ve got your hands full’

Yes I’m very aware my children are close in age, and I may not look like it but I have everything under control (that is sometimes a lie) Even when I have just one baby with me and they are throwing an epic public display of a tantrum…. I know the look is coming from somewhere
I wonder if anyone else has been given that sympathetic smile, or maybe you call it something else.

I recently had a man ask me the age gap of my two. His response was ‘good luck to you’
This made me think, why do I need luck. This is my life now, its not sink or swim. Swim is the only option.
So I embrace my manic life, and appreciate every moment, good and bad.
And when I get that ‘sympathetic smile’ I turn into a moment of acknowledgement that I am doing ok.


Signing out…. mummy with 1 plus 1 doing ok!