Hunger or Habit: why does my baby wake at night

I try really hard not to compare my two babies, but I have to say Mop Top was definitely sleeping through by this point, so we are in unknown territory with Bear still waking in the night.

His bed time routine is very established now, and he goes down like a dream between 630 and 7. We dream feed him at 10:30 ish, but every night pretty much without fail he wakes again between 2:30 and 3am. 💤💤💤 and will not settle for at least two, making me and Mr DC VERY tired. It’s pretty hard to function in little sleep plus a toddler and a baby to manage.

img_8088I am a bit of a research mummy, I like to google bits and pieces, read the latest research around babies. So I know some babies get into what’s known as habitual waking. But my question is his he really hungry or just waking out of habit.

When he does wake, we try to soothe him with a dummy, rocking, cuddles, this never works. Second try water….. He’s not stupid ‘no thanks mum!’ Iv even given calpol as he gets in such a state. As none of these options work, my feeling is he is just hungry. Last night I skipped all the first options and went straight for milk. Yes we were awake at 230 but back down by 3am and slept until 6 after that.

He is fully weaned, and eating really well during the day. One negative are his naps, they are not very well established at the minute, but we are trying with this one.

I recently spoke to a Health Visitor about this and she suggested water, ‘you don’t want to get him into the habit of getting milk again’ well very easy for her to say as she tucks herself into bed knowing she’ll be getting a full night sleep!

Iv read a little about habitual waking versus hunger, and supposedly if baby goes straight back sleep after the said feed he generally was hungry. I just seems odd to me that it is round about the same time each night.

Now my little teddy bear has slept through once, when my parents put him to bed so we could go out for dinner. Mum did exactly the same as I’d normally do but he didn’t wake until 6am….. Oh that’s a pretty good lie in for us.

I was concerned he’d get used to milk during the night like the HV said, but 2 hours of crying versus being awake for half hour, I take the latter all day. So for the time being, I plan to offer milk if he wakes and hopefully I can gradually cut it down to maybe (says wishfully) get a full night sleep soon.

And apologies for the awfull 3am photo, but this is what a tired mummy looks like..image

I’d just like to point out, I am very aware there are lots of mummies who have worse night time than me, and I should be thankful he goes down do well, but we always want a little more don’t we?

It’s 830 yup that’s right bed time #rockandrollparenting