Sh*t Happens…. Literally

The following article contains the word POO and I must note no poo was harmed in the making of this blog post! You have been warned!

We have made it almost 2 years with children having not had to do this and I have to say I was hoping I would never have to do it…But yesterday the pivotal event of all parenting occurred in our house.

Let me set the scene for a minute; both babies in the bath, all going swimmingly (no pun intended) Then Mr DC swiftly got two babies out of the bath consecutively. He then very calmly says ‘erm Mollie has pooed in the bath’

Oh great, he very cleverly starts dealing with the children, leaving me to deal with said poo! What the hell do you use to get a turd out of water! Oh come on they don’t teach you this in ante natal class!

I have to say I had bloggers hat on and actually took a photo first, however I don’t feel it is appropriate to share here. It is available on request ūüė≥

Anyway I use a jug (the jug we use to wash the children’s hair… Must remove to wash that!) and actually it was much harder than I thought. Picture this… Me with a jug trying to manoeuvre it round 2 little ducks, a plastic dolphin and a upside down boat! I have to say it took me a few attempts to capture the little floater but 1-0 to mummy!

Mr DC obviously found this hilarious, and I have noted this and he is on poo bath duty next time it happens!


The mountains of all tantrums


Mop Top is 4 weeks of her 2 birthday, but I have definitely noticed some ‘terrible two’ type behaviours as of late……
However today we hit an all time high on the toddler tantrum spectrum.

She had been really good all morning so I agreed she could have some sweets to eat after lunch. We went to the shops and brought two packs; one for Mop Top and one for my niece Sophie.
Mop Top fell asleep on the way home so I put her straight up when we got in. Not long later she woke, very much earlier than normal. Here was the first down hill step to tantrum city!
I then (shockingly) said she couldn’t eat sweets for lunch, what a horrible mummy, well all hell broke loose. Crying, screaming, snot, tears, noise and more noise. I tried reasoning, persuasion, and even threatening… Nothing but loud noise.

At this point my mum and dad were in the room, whilst Bear and Sophie were still trying to have lunch. There is nothing worse than your parents watching you trying to parent.
After trying to reason with a 23 month old, the only option was time out in her cot to calm down. As you can imagine this didn’t go down well. More screaming, more noise….. Now I’m running out of options.

Thank fully an hour and 15 minutes later (yes I know!!) she seemed to calm down. I got her out of her cot, and she actually ate something that wasn’t sweets. Well she had crisps and a yoghurt but better than sweets surely.


I feel like this is the first of many, but wowzer I need to up my game in the tantrum handling game. It’s funny the emotions parenting brings, one minute I’m rocking motherhood and next I’m close to tears and unable to handle a two year old.

I am currently drinking alcohol and eating chocolate, that’s my coping strategy! Would love to hear your tantrum stories, comment below.

Love Kelly


Does my child understand NO at 19 months old?

A few days ago some one creeped into our house, and put a secret ‘terrible two’ spell on my 19 month old child. Literally all I have said recently is ‘NO’ since Mop Top has turned into the devil.

She has learnt how to turn the television off, finds it very funny… I do not find this funny, especially after she has done it for the 5th time that morning. She decided to bite my niece during play time. And has just generally been a naughty pickle for the past few days.


If she is doing something wrong or naughty, I always say no in my loud daddy voice, and have threatened to introduce the naughty step. However at 19 months¬†would she really understand this form of discipline. She uses the word ‘no’ for other things so I think she knows what it means,¬†but¬†I wonder if its different when used¬†in a form of discipline.¬†¬†

Its catch 22 as if she doesn’t understand why she is on the naughty step what’s the point, but then I don’t want to leave it to late when she running the place because we missed that window of disciplining. Ah Man this parenting malarkey gets more complicated every day!!

She is only 19 months so I just know its going to get worse when we hit the well known ‘terrible two’ period. I love that she is a feisty independent stubborn little girl, but my gosh she is going to test me.

Tonight calls for wine and chocolate, she is at Nanny and Grandad’s tomorrow… poor



Confessions of Motherhood

I find when people talk about motherhood, children and parenting in general often the reality is blurred. So these are my top¬†six honest confessions of motherhood…..

  1. I very often eat quickly and in secret. While Mop Top is pre-occupied I speed into the kitchen, go to the goody cupboard and stuff a piece of chocolate or a biscuit in my mouth. Chew as fast as I can as I return to the lounge where she hasn’t even noticed my disappearance.
  2. I¬†don’t shower every day….Yes iv said it now, its out there.¬†Some days either I just don’t get time, or I am just too tired and id rather¬†10 minutes more in bed!
  3. I have told Mop Top a toy is broken just so I don’t have to hear the annoying music it plays for the 100th time that day.
  4. Some early mornings (like 5am) I pretend I cant hear Mop Top stirring until I know Mr DC is about to go see to her. (I know he does the same!)
  5. I often leave the house with the smell of sick, poo and wee covered up with multiple sprays of perfume.
  6. Sometimes I just give in for an easy life. Give in to the request of chocolate for a little bit of peace.


I’m sure there are plenty of other¬†points I could confess about here, but I really don’t want you to completely judge me as a mother.

Anyway must dash, have a spare few seconds to secretly eat something yummy


Love Kelly





Family Swim


I have recently cancelled Mop Tops swimming lessons due to the pool being too cold. So we decided that Sunday mornings would be our family swimming sessions. Our local pool have a parent and toddler only period first thing on a Sunday. So off we went bright and early with 1 plus 1, and to be honest I as dreading it! Mr DC came with us so I did have an extra pair of hands, but I can still feel anxiety kicking in as I’m packing the bags. Talking of bags…. For two tiny humans they sure do need a lot of stuff…. Swimming nappy, body warmer, happy nappy, swimming costume, wet wipes, clean clothes, towels the list goes on.
Bear had been fed before we left, so knew that wouldn’t cause any issue mid way through. When we arrived we shipped two kids, what felt like hundred of of bags and ourselves into the changing room. Mr DC took Mop Top and I took Bear. So far so good.
In what I thought was my organised state I had grabbed all the nappies we needed. However as Mr DC changed Mop Top she had a pull up instead of a swimming nappy and no happy nappy. Yes we risked it, put on the pull up and hoped for the best. Parenting fail number 1.

Both babies did well in the water. Bear has been once before so still getting used to it. I submerged him, and introduced a few key words we use with Mop Top. She has not been enjoying her lessons previously due to the temperate at a different pool, but today she seemed to enjoy it again, managing to splash and kick with daddy.

We even managed to get both babies and ourselves dressed with not to many problems. Bear did kick off at the end, but he was super tired, and Mr DC successfully got him to sleep before we left.

So we survived our first family swimming trip, with only 1 parenting fail! And added bonus both babies asleep when we got home, which meant a quick peaceful bacon sandwich for me and Mr DC.

We hope you had a great weekend.

Love Kelly and Mr DC