How life has changed!


If you have recently had a baby I imagine you are quickly realising your life will never be the same again.

It has occurred to me recently how my life has changed since having babies. So here are my top ten:

1: I can no longer wee with the door shut. It’s a privelage that automatically gets taken away as soon as you give birth.

2: It’s a given that I will always share my food with one or both of my children.

3: I can no longer leave the house with just my phone and keys.

4: ‘popping’ to the shop does not happen. It’s a military operation to go anywhere

5: I will sing at least one nursery rhyme a day (it is way more than this!!!)

6: I don’t even flinch at the smell of baby poo. It’s part of my day now!!

7: I can not go out and get wasted on a Saturday night. (Well I can but a hangover plus babies do born mix well!)

8: Birthdays and Christmas have a whole new meaning now.

9: Dinner times are loud, manic and normally full of choo choo trains!

10: We are in bed my 9pm most nights. (Got to get those few extra minutes sleep)

I know people say it all the time but I genuinely can’t imagine my life with out my babies. ❤️

Woyld love to hear how your life has changed since babies?


Kelly ❤️

From 1 to 1+1

cropped-cropped-logo-12.pngA few days ago I wrote about the shock a newborn. So move forward a few months (only about 3 actually) and we have another shock of being pregnant again. Yes I did cry for quite a few weeks but we got used to the idea and now we have two beautiful babies.

People often ask is it much different from having 1 baby and if you have more than 1 baby you may agree or disagree with my view on this. (Would love to hear your comments on this.)

When Bear was born, Mop Top was 5 days short of her first birthday. We were still in nappies, still having bottles and still very dependant on mummy. So add another one to the mix who is also very dependant on mummy and you have a very busy life.

But I look at it like this…..I was already changing nappies, sterilising bottles and making up formula so actually we just carried on with our normal routine with the added work load. Yes it’s busy, crazy and manic all the same time but I genuinely think having 2 is more manageable than 1.

With 1 baby, mummy has to do all the entertaining, but now Mop Top will entertain Bear with no problems (she does need to be told to be gentle sometimes)

There are a few problems with 2 babies…. when they both cry. Who to go to first? Your favourite? Haha just kidding! When Bear was smaller and cried there were only a certain number of things he wanted; milk, change nappy or sleep. So usually I’d sort Mop Top with whatever she needed then could concentrate on what Bear needed. yes it does mean Bear sometimes cries longer than I would like, but I only have one pair of hands.   

Two babies does take me a pretty long time to go anyway and I have to take what feels like a suitcase full of stuff with me everywhere. Its pretty much a military operation; shoes on, coat on, Bear and bag in the car, then Mop Top in, check buggy, lock door and we are good to go.
I have to say currently Bear is not on the move so my opinion may change when he starts to move about as I will need eyes in the back of my head!

It is double the work load, packing double in the back, two lots of milk, two piles of clothes but I say being organised helps with that.

We often need a few deep breaths, and a few bars of chocolate to get us through but going from 1 to 1+1 has not been as bad as I thought.

Have you got more than 1 child, what’s your thoughts on this? If you only have 1 child now, are you dreading having another?


The Shock of a Newborn

Before babies, I had plenty of experience with little ones and had been around plenty of babies and children, from family to my friends children. So when I fell pregnant I thought I was pretty prepared for what was about to come.

Oh how wrong was I! There is literally nothing to prepare you for those first few weeks of having a new-born baby.

As first time parents we went to all the suitable parenting classes, read all the books and took all the advice we could get. Naively we thought it would be a breeze…. eat, sleep, change a nappy…. job done right. I can hear you al laughing as I write this, and in fact it makes me laugh thinking back now.

Mop Top was born on her due date, despite a little blue lighting in an ambulance she arrived with little drama. And this is the point our lives was turned completely upside down, and never to be the same again.

She cried a lot, she pooed a lot, she ate a lot. Wow this is actually hard work. One positive she was a pretty good sleeper at night, but during the day she was not the happiest of babies. I breast fed, and fed for what felt like most of the day through to the evening. I’d feed, she’d burp, and then seem to want to feed again. It was a never ending circle. Mop Top had acid reflux, so we had that to manage with medicine and anything else that would help. We tried cranial Osteopathy for her, which really helped. I would recommend this actually as it really did chill her out for a while.


I remember driving home from somewhere once, and Mop Top had literally screamed the whole way, I took her out of her car seat and just handed her to Mr DC as I had no idea what to do next. I sat on the sofa in a trance while he settled her.

I was nervous to go out in case she kicked off, and was generally tense for the first few weeks of being a new mummy. If she did kick off, family and friends would say ‘what does she want’ ermmmm I don’t know, you tell me! I didn’t feel like we had any form of routine, she would eat, poo and sleep whenever she wanted. She definitely ruled our life ( and still does for that matter)

For the first 6 weeks of Mop Top being here, we literally struggled through hoping things would get better soon. Nobody told us it would be this hard, why did no one tell us the realities of this?? Then I felt guilty because the rose tinted image of having a new-born was not the image we were living in our house.

But…… as we introduced a bed time routine, and a bed time bottle, normality crept its way back into our house. She started to fall into a feeding routine, and we established day time naps. It is by no means easy but I guess we settled into the parenting thing.

So if you are pregnant, or have pregnant friends, please, in the nicest way possible fill them in with the realities of a new born. I am not saying burst the new parent bubble completely, but lets take away that shock of a new born so we all know what’s coming!

Lots of Love

Kelly xx




What I would tell my pre-baby self

I have been thinking about this post for a while, and what I would honestly say to myself before babies. Can I even remember that far back, it was only two years ago, but I genuinely can not remember what my life was like before having children.

There are so many things I could tell myself back then, as they say hindsight is a wonderful thing. I have tried to whittle these down, so here are mine:

1- Be Spontaneous. Spontaneity goes out of the window when you become a parent. 

2- Don’t plan the parent you are going to be. That will go out of the window when that little bundle of joy enters the world and dictates your every move.

3- Take all the help that is offered. Do not let pride get in the way, if they offer even if it is one tiny gesture, always say yes.


As I said I feel like I would tell myself a whole list of things. I thought on this post I would ask some fellow bloggers what piece of advice they would tell themselves, so here my top 10 pieces of advice….

‘Savour the lie in and never moan about having a wobbly tummy. You aint seen wobbly until having twins.’ Beth from Twinderelmo

‘Make the most of peaceful toilet trips.’ Jaymee from The Mum Diaries

‘Don’t wake the baby every three hours in the night just to change his nappy. This is insane behaviour’ Vicky from The Tactical Mummy

‘When the house is silent, listen. Remember just how silent it is.’ Tracey from Pack the PJS

‘Don’t do too much prep, you could read all the baby books and learn all the rules but you have no idea what your baby is like. Relax, go with the flow and remember baby is boss’ Eilidh from MaisyMeow

‘Its ok to ask for help!’ Jo from Pickle and Poppet

‘Read the baby not the books’ Laura from Life with Baby Kicks

‘Don’t worry about other kids progress, let yours develop at their own pace.’ Claire from The Organizer

‘Throw the baby manuals away and trusts your instinct’ Laura from Five Little Doves

‘Sleep while you can. For the next 6 years you will think 8am is a lie in’ Lisa from Hollybobbs

What a list, and I agree with every single one. If you have a pregnant friend, family member or work colleague tell them at least one of these this week.

What would you tell your pre-baby self? Please read, comment and like.

Remember mummies Your best will always be good enough, that hard time will pass, you are doing a great job!!Enjoy your evening

Love Kelly



You really don’t know tiredness until you are a parent!

img_8088Since becoming a parent I have come to realise there is tired and then there’s parent tiredness. It’s a whole other ball game.

Some days I wake in the morning and genuinely do not know how I am going to make it to lunch time let alone dinner time. But somehow I do…. everyday we make it through the day.
Remember when you used to party till 4am, get up and go to work then next day….. oh how my life has changed! Haha
I’m sure there must be some form of auto pilot that triggers as soon as you have children. You are up all night with the baby then carry on all day.
We have recently purchased FitBits, which can really highlight the broken little sleep we’ve had. Sometimes I take mine off at night as I really don’t need that depressive moment in the morning when my phone tells me I’ve had 4hours on average that night!

Mop Top is really good during the night, 99% of the time we don’t hear from her 7pm-6am but Bear is still a little pickle at night. Sometimes feeding 2-3 times, but he is getting there. I keep telling myself it is for a really short period of time. This time next year (when hopefully he is sleeping through) I’ll be wishing he was diddy again!

img_8009Anyway it’s 9:33 and I am still awake missing out on valuable sleeping hours. So as my Nan and grandad used to say……
Good night. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bug bites, if they do whack em on the head with a great big shoe

Breast…Bottle…Bottle…Breast. Does it matter how I feed my baby??

We all know the big never ending breastfeeding debate continues and mums continue to feel judged by how they decide to feed their baby.

Now I breastfed Mop Top for about 3 months and am currently breastfeeding Bear, not because I have an over whelming desire to but I guess just because I felt I should. (By who I’m not sure)

img_7984I can’t even count the amount of times I have been asked ‘are you feeding baby yourself?’….. no I’m starving him!!! I know full well they mean am I breastfeeding but I just don’t understand why people ask that question. In fact I found myself asking a friend recently if she was breastfeeding her newborn and her response felt like she was justifying why she was bottle feeding. Why on earth should us mums feel the need to justify how we feed our baby. I had one lady mid way through an exercise class say ‘are you breast feeding, it’s so easy isn’t it’ well actually no it’s not!!

I can feel my self getting angry as I’m writing this. But I feel we have enough pressures put on us as new mums without the added stress of trying to fulfil societies desire for us to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding Mop Top was never easy, i am not one of those mums who took to breastfeeding like a duck to water (excuse that saying.) I felt awkward, could never get the right position, always seemed to wear the wrong top, used to finish feeding with huge wet patches on me. So when I got mastitis around 3 months that was the final straw and she went to formula.
I remember when Bear was born, it was about day 4 and breastfeeding was proving so hard. I sat in our bedroom and cried in pain as Bear screamed for more milk, with a feeling of guilt smothering me as Mr DC suggested we give him formula. I wanted him to have breast milk so was convinced I’d be able to pump exclusively. I sent Mr DC out at about 9o clock at night to buy a manual pump. I’d googled it, asked friends who’d done it and it was possible.
Oh wow what a faff!!! Every 2 hours up I’d go pump what I could and then feed him that way. It didn’t last long as for us it just wasn’t doable especially with a demanding 12 month old.
Now I am combination feeding Bear and have done since about six weeks. I heard the teat/nipple confusion argument from multiple health visitors but felt it was right for us. We opted for Avent bottles as were advertised as naturally shaped teats ideal for combination feeding. So we introduced one bottle at lunch time and one at bed time the rest he has from the breast. For us this works, I feel less pressure, Mr DC can do bed times, the lunch time bottle fits in with Mop Top. He is now 4 months and this way is working really well.

img_7982I appreciate the whole breast is best debate but surely the formula made today is as nutritious and nourishing as needed. If i compare Mop Top who had 3 months of breast milk with my friends baby who was bottle fed from birth, developmentally they are exactly the same, at the same stage and doing similar things.

It is 2016 and mums are still being judged on whether they breast or bottle feed their baby. It’s crazy. Mums should do what they feel is right and fits into their life style.

I really do not want to get into a breast feeding vs bottle feeding debate, but wanted to share our experience. If you are the mum who exclusively breast fed right up to age 1…. great, if you bottle feed your baby from birth …. great! As long as that baby is well fed, well loved does it really matter.

img_7986Please don’t judge us mums as we are all in this together and it is by no means a competition.

Have a great weekend
Love Kelly

10 things i wish I’d been told with my first born

imageIve really been thinking lately how different I felt after the birth of my babies. I have to say there are so many things I wished I’d been told about having baby number 1. We did the obligatory active birth course with Mop Top and it was very much about the labour, the drugs and pushing that baby out. But they don’t tell you everything do they!!
So I thought I’d write 10 things I wish I’d been told and I vow to tell any friends that have babies in the future.


1- Haemorrhoids…. yes you don’t have to be a 90 year old woman to get these!!

2- How sore you will be for two weeks post-partum. Seriously worse than labour for me. Frozen peas and a rubber blow up ring is my advice!

3- Breast feeding is not easy and natural for everyone. Do what suits you, as long as your baby is fed who cares how!

4- You do not need as much as you think you do. Newborn babies need nappies, baby grows, and your cuddles. (Obviously there are a few other essentials)

5- Your baby really don’t care if his pram cost £10 or £1000.

6- Take all the help you can get! If they offer say YES

7- It’s not all rose tinted cuddles; you’ll have super mum days, just about survive days, perfect baby days and I cant handle this days….. And that is ok…. Here’s to tomorrow

8- Acid reflux…. argghh this means they cry even more

9- You won’t eat dinner at the same time as your partner for quite a few months.

10- Google will generally know the answer to everything.


Love Kelly