Our Library Visit

From quite a young age Mop Top has enjoyed looking at books. So despite only being 19 months olds I decided to take her to the library this week. I was slightly worried as thought she would just pull all the books out and not understand the whole concept of a library.

However she surprised me, we went in and joined her up; she got her own library card and a sticker book for every time she visits. The BookTrust  provide every child with a lovely sticker book, with the aim of encouraging children to read and enjoy books.

We sat with the books for at least half an hour. She would pick a book, sit on my lap and we would read it together. We chose 3 to bring home, that was the trickiest part, I don’t think she understood the idea of not reading the books now, but taking them home to read. Despite my efforts one of the books was a Peppa Pig book.

She took the books herself up to the counter, with some help we gave the lady her card and all the books. We have so far read 2 of them, during our bed time routine. It was definitely a successful trip to the library and gave her a sense of achievement and independence. I plan to make our library visits a regular thing, and really hope her love for books continues to grow.

I would love to hear your book recommendations for Mop Top.

(Sorry for lack of photos, was too busy reading!)