Chicken and Apple Burgers – Baby led weaning Cookbook

When Mop Top was ready to start weaning I didn’t really go down the pureeing food route, but straight to finger food. Mop Top was a really good eater from the start, and I am sure it was because of that.
I came across just before Bear was born. I regularly see new recipes and ideas that Natalie posts on facebook and they look great. Bear is obviously nowhere near ready to start that phase but I was keen to try some out. So first up Chicken and Apple Burgers.
When I feed Mop Top; I have to feed the whole family, including two men who like their food… no pressure eh! So burgers seemed a good choice as could adjust for each individual.
My worst type of recipe is one with hundreds of ingredients that no one ever has in the cupboard, this one was great only 5 ingredients; all we already had in the cupboard. Chicken, spring onion, quinoa, apple sauce and olive oil.

I had to pulse the chicken, now as a previous vegetarian I didn’t really like this stage. But it was easy enough. In the recipe it states making 10 2 inch burgers, but because I was making them for the whole family I did change this slightly. Which I think was my down fall…. When frying the burgers half them just wouldn’t stick together. A few were successful and normal burger shape, the others we just improvised.
I served them up with homemade chips. They were a hit with the big eaters and the small eaters and we will definitely be trying them again. Hopefully I’ll be able to fine tune the shape next time!
Check out Baby Led Weaning Cookbook for more Ideas for your little ones. I will be trying a few more in the future.
Love Kelly xx

p.s apologies for the photo quality, not sure what happened there.