Arts and Craft

Most toddlers like to make a mess, and this is why I did this activity outside. I have to admit it took me longer to set up and tidy away than the time Mop Top actually spent doing any of it. Isn’t that the case with so many of the activities us parents spend ages thinking of.
In Poundland they sell cut out people in card, a pack of 15. Our local Poundland is currently selling everything at 90p due to a pound shop competitor across the road, so I try stock up on arts and craft when I’m in there. You’ll be surprised how much they do in there. Paint, brushes, pens all sorts.

IMG_3695.JPGSo I purchased a pack of these plus a few paints we already had and laid them out on the garden table. We didn’t have any aprons so we improvised with one of grandads old shirts.
Gave her a paint brush and of she went. I can’t see me retiring on the sales of her art work as she was more interested in licking the brush, painting the table and generally causing a mess.
The thought was there though right……

Anyway although she didn’t produce a magical piece of artwork for the fridge she had fun, experimented with paint and had a good afternoon and I guess for me as a parent that’s what it’s about. It doesn’t matter if my creative activities don’t go to plan, I know she’s enjoying her self.

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Love Kelly