From 0-30 in Record Time

My little Bear is 13 months and is well and truly mobile! And it occurred to me today how quickly he has gone from a static little bubba to a big boy climbing up and down the stairs.

Initially he was an army crawler, just dragging his legs around. But was pretty speedy this way. Why waste energy using four limbs when you can get around with two!

A few months ago we were sent an anti slip babygrow, perfect for an army crawling baby around my wooden floors. Crawlerz sell babygrows with incorporated anti slip safety grips. The legs have integrated anti slip sections to allow baby to push of the floor easier. We were sent size 9-12 months and actually that was pretty big. In fact Bear is 13 months old and it still fits pretty well. They have super cute designs, Bear has the Little Jungle Friends design. Bear looks super cute and can get around without slipping everywhere.

We are now at the stage where he wants to be standing all the time. I think we are a long way off walking but he is cruising furniture and will happily walk around hold some ones hands albeit it very wobbly.
So he has gone from static to mobile in what feels like record time! It is funny isn’t it, as parents we are constantly wishing and hoping for our little ones to do the next thing, or reach the next milestone. But it is not until you sit back and look at how grown up your littles ones are that we want them to stop growing, and hold time still.
When I had Bear, people would say how do you manage with two so close together. But I look back and think ah man having a new born and one year old is easy, compared to two moving babies!! In fact now it is harder as Bear needs my support to walk around all the time.

so we move onto the n still milestone in our house…. walking. Here’s to the next funs and fails it brings.

Do you wish you could hold time? Stop you little ones moving onto the next milestone while you appreciate it a little more?
I would love to hear all about your little ones next milestone.

Love Kelly




Cousins: Ready Made Friends

Making friends is something children tend to do in all settings, with all sorts of different children. But if you have cousins, they are pretty much ready made friends ready to play!

I was really lucky growing up as I have 5 cousins and we are all a similar age. As children we would play, holiday together, and have sleepovers at Nans house. And now as we are all older we still try and get together as much as we can.

Mop Top and Bear were born into an already large family with 5 cousins. 2 from my side and 3 from Mr DCs side. They range from 3 up to 9 years old. I love watching them play, and (most if the time) they really do get on so well.

I hear them laugh, have full blown conversations, put the world to rights and generally have a good time.

IMG_0069.JPGBecause of location, they see my brothers two pretty much everyday. Even on the days we aren’t due to see them Mop Top will often say ‘Harry Sophie breakfast’ or ‘see Harry’

Mop Top and Bear are the youngest of their little cousin group, and I notice how different their relationship is with each one of them. Alfie is 9 and I can see a much more nurturing role he takes with them, whereas Sophie who is 3, has a more play based relationship. I have to say this often results in sibling like arguments in our house between those two.

I think cousins are your first best friends, the people you connect with, learn from and with first. You can really learn some of those important early life skills from your cousins.

I hope Mop Top and Bear continue to have a strong bond with all their cousins and continue to share special memories as they grow older, just like I have with my own cousins.