Positive Mental Attitude


Today I have woken up with a strange feeling; a feeling of positivity and motivation. It is 5am and normally I wake bleary eyed and wishing I could sleep for another 4 hours.

Not today, Bear still woke just before 5, but hadn’t woke during the night (yay) and we were up, doing jobs by 530!

Iv sent Mr DC out for a run, and I am busy painting some lovely bunting letters. (Feel free to check out my other hat www.facebook.com/xletterswithlovex)

Since the terrible events in Manchester and some other things Iv been helping a friend with this week I have come to realise you really don’t know what’s round that corner and we have to be grateful for the things we do have.

We get dealt a card in life and what we do with that card is our own choice. Can we change the card we are dealt? I’m not sure but I do know we can make the best of it, getting out there and making good choices.

I appreciate I sound like a really annoying motivational speaker at 6 am on a Sunday morning , and I apologies for that. And I know life can not always be a sea of positivity, but we can definately make the best of situations. Taking a step back, looking at the bigger picture and setting small goals to manage the situation.

But today it’s about positive parenting, achieving goals big or small and making the best of that card.

Why not try and do one little job today that you’ve been putting off for ages, have a lovely day!!

Love Kelly



We Survived…. Here’s our top tips

Having been home a few weeks I have reflected on our first trip and despite the hideous journey (check it out here) it was a pretty successful holiday. I have to say a very different holiday to what we are used to, but different in a good way.

As promised here are my top tips for travelling with small children…

1: Snacks: take lots of snacks for the journey. Those times when you need a bit of indoor time in the room, snacks from home really helped us!

2: Books wrapped up. This sounds like a silly one and the people around us on the plane thought I was barmy. But every often I would hand Mop Top a present wrapped in Christmas paper. It was a book, stickers, her toys. But it passed the time as she was excited to open in then excited to play/ read whatever was inside. They weren’t expensive items just stickers books etc and even some of her toys from home.

3: Relax your routine: our babies still needed naps, bed time routine, food/ milk at certain times despite being in a different country. I am all about routine, but I really tried to relax about timings and just went with what the babies wanted whenever it was.

4: Stroller: we brought 2 cheap stroller in the Mothercare sale and I have to say they were a god send. It meant the babies could nap in the day without us having to sit in the room for 2 hours. It meant i could get them off to sleep then send Mr DC to the bar for my Pina Colada!

5 Take lots of nappies, swimming and normal: we ran out on the last day and had to buy a pack from the local supermarket…. €17 for 17 nappies!!

These are my top five tips for holidaying with babies. It was a very different Holiday to what we are used to. We didn’t relax for one moment, and in fact I could do with another holiday about now, but it was lovely, and great to have some family time.

Whether we go on a plane again is still up for debate but we will definitely be holidaying again next year.

image(Lame holiday selfie)

Happy Holidays X

My Inability to Travel

Having been back from our first family holiday for a few days, I now feel ready to talk about our travelling journey

I don’t travel well, I know it, Mr DC knows it, in fact everyone knows it…. I … do… not… travel… well! end of story.

I do blame my mum for this trait, as she also doesn’t travel well. It is not pin pointed to a particular mode of transport, in fact I have been known to get sick travelling to Bluewater Shopping Centre (20 minutes journey from our house)

Anyway our holiday started at 3am, as we left for the airport, already I’m feeling that ‘travel sick’ feeling on the journey to the airport. Fuzzy head, tight throat, anxious tummy. Due to some confusion with our flights and check in, we were in a complete rush to get to the gate, which made me an emotional sicky wreck (really attractive right now as you can imagine) Mr DC managed the luggage, the children and me! I had made multiple trips to the toilet by this point. Our hotel was 60 minutes from the airport, which we booked a private taxi. There is no way I can manage the tour operated coach journeys. If I can I generally sit in the front when travelling, so I let Mr DC fit the babies in the back and I sorted myself out in the front with the driver. I hate the feeling I get when I travel, I try and sit as still as possible but my head, my eyes all feel horrible!

But we arrived, it took me a good hour to feel normal again, now to enjoy our holiday….

The day before we return I start getting the anxious feeling knowing we will be doing the whole travelling thing soon. The journey home was slight better although still horrendous. Our taxi was due to pick us up at 715, it turns 720 and no sign. Mr DC could see my anxiety levels were increasing, and I was on the verge of tears once again. It was all a bit of a language barrier mix up, we said 715 and they thought we said 750! Luckily one phone call to the taxi driver and he was there within a few minutes. Normal car journey and I sit as still as I can trying not to stir the sickness pot. I do pretty well, until the very last minute. As we pull up to the drop off point, the driver opens the door and I immediately throw up all over the floor. A poor cleaner passes me a plastic bag and waits with a mop until I have finished! A lovely Spanish lady offered me some water. Oh the shame!!! the rest of our journey despite a small delay actually was ok, no more sickness, and back to normal a few hours later.

I have now decided it is time I do something about my inability to travel. I know certain things that help; eating, sipping water etc but I really want to get to the bottom of this issue. I really want my children to see the world, and right now my ability or inability to travel will put a stop to that. I do not want Mop Top and Bear to be bad travellers, and as they get older I don’t want them to pick up on my anxieties and worries.

I am yet to do any research into fixing this problem, but I am thinking hypnosis?! If you have any top travelling tips feel free to comment.


P.S I would never attempt to read whilst travelling!

Love Kelly

10Day Exercise Challenge

cropped-cropped-logo-11.pngPre babies I was all about hitting the gym, getting sweaty and burning calories. However since babies i’v lost a whole load of energy and motivation to commit to getting my butt back in the gym.

I recently read an article in a magazine about a new exercise crazy. Ten days of HIIT workouts, everyday with no rest day. Perfect for an specific event or to squeeze into that LBD.
Well does it really work? Is it actually possible as a busy mum? I wanted to find out!!

So that was the plan…. 10 days, 10 HIIT workouts…. simple….. hmmm well this is what happened.

Day 1 full of energy & raring to go I did a 20 minute Powerwave workout. If you haven’t heard of this type before, be sure to look it up. It’s a hefty bit of equipment, but It’s only 20 minutes and an absolutely killer! It’s seems a craze at the moment. We have one at home so as soon as the babies were soundo I went to work with my Powerwave.

The next few days were ok, mixed it up with some Joe Wicks; Body Coach workouts from YouTube. Although it’s not getting any easier, I have to say I’m not really feeling that much different.

Mr DC had to force me to do my daily workout on more than one day! I have a little confession here…. I’m blaming motherhood (like I do everything else) I missed day 7 and 10. So actually it’s a 8 day challenge…oh well

I’m not going to bore you with the before and after, no one really needs to see that on a Sunday night! I lost a tiny bit of weight (didn’t change eating habits during the 10days) but little change to body shape/appearance. No LBD to test I’m afraid. I do not think its an exercise programme that’s maintainable. You body needs the rest days. Plus (playing the tired mum card again) you need a whole bucket of self motivation.

I am all for HIIT workouts as they burn fat, are quick, and don’t need to get boring. As a busy mum finding 20 minutes after the kids are in bed isn’t actually that hard, finding the energy is the hard part! The urge to snuggle down on the sofa is pretty easy.

It’s much better to do it with a gym buddy, friend or other half. They can provide the motivation that you lack.

So my view is 2/3 times a week chuck on your gym stuff, YouTube a HIIT workout (I would recommend The Body Coach) and get sweat on!