Wide Load Coming Through

No this post is not about the size of mine or in fact anyone’s bottom. Despite this I hope you carry on reading……

Since becoming a parent my list of grievances has grown quite dramatically. One that is pretty close to the top of that list is cars parked across the pavement. It drives me mad!

Now when we go out in the car I use an UPPA Baby Vista as a tandem double. Its a great buggy, probably the best Iv had. It means I can have both world facing, both parent facing, one forward, one backwards, the possibilities are endless.

However when we go walking usually in the mornings, my mums double Britax is out ready on the porch. So we usually use this, its a side by side stroller. Yes its wider than a normal stroller but fits perfectly along a pavement.

We live in a small but busy village, with quite a few cars. Some of the houses have driveways, but not all of them, which leaves multiple cars parked on the road. Now lets get one thing straight I do not mind if cars park on the road, in fact I really don’t mind if cars park on the pavement a little bit. But since having a buggy I have noticed how far people actually park their cars on the pavement, to the point I can not fit through. Which results in me having to go into the road with the buggy to get past. So I put myself and my babies in danger because someone did not consider how their parking would effect others.


It is a foot path not a car path so why on earth do people feel it is appropriate to do this. I often come across cars literally parked on the whole path so that not even a single pedestrian could get through.

I don’t want to get technical and I am not going to search the Highway Code, but pretty sure this is illegal. Even if it isn’t illegal it is very annoying!

So next time you pull up to a curb to park, please consider those pushing a buggy before you bump up and park across the whole pavement.

#Parentgrievances #grumpymum


Does my child understand NO at 19 months old?

A few days ago some one creeped into our house, and put a secret ‘terrible two’ spell on my 19 month old child. Literally all I have said recently is ‘NO’ since Mop Top has turned into the devil.

She has learnt how to turn the television off, finds it very funny… I do not find this funny, especially after she has done it for the 5th time that morning. She decided to bite my niece during play time. And has just generally been a naughty pickle for the past few days.


If she is doing something wrong or naughty, I always say no in my loud daddy voice, and have threatened to introduce the naughty step. However at 19 months would she really understand this form of discipline. She uses the word ‘no’ for other things so I think she knows what it means, but I wonder if its different when used in a form of discipline.  

Its catch 22 as if she doesn’t understand why she is on the naughty step what’s the point, but then I don’t want to leave it to late when she running the place because we missed that window of disciplining. Ah Man this parenting malarkey gets more complicated every day!!

She is only 19 months so I just know its going to get worse when we hit the well known ‘terrible two’ period. I love that she is a feisty independent stubborn little girl, but my gosh she is going to test me.

Tonight calls for wine and chocolate, she is at Nanny and Grandad’s tomorrow… poor



The 3 R’s…. Recycle, Reuse, Resell

I have always been pretty thrifty when it comes to buying things, and like to shop around and grab a bargain. Since having children I have definitely become more aware of how much things costs and how little they Unless its damaged I generally wont throw it out.

As the second child Bear gets a lot of hand me downs. I guess that’s the nature of not being the first born, the further down the siblings list the more hand me downs you get. In fact Mop Top gets a lot of hand me downs too, as her cousin is a year older, so we get a few bits there to.

Not so much with my first but definitely when I had Bear, I joined lots of local selling groups and noticed people selling clothes in excellent condition. I have brought bits from these sites with label still on and half the price! I brought a bundle of boys next clothes once for £15 it had about 20 items in there, such a bargain. The speed they grow it is ideal. I have to say I do only buy excellent condition and only if they are from good quality shops.

Now we are at my parents, it is very apparent how much stuff we have… clothes, buggies, toys the list goes on. So when I saw a local Baby and Children’s sale I thought it would be a good idea to try and sell a few bits on. I contact Lydia from Baby & Children’s Market who was running an event in East Peckham, not too far from us.


A table was £12, and it was a 2 hour sale which I thought was much better than a boot fair when you need to be there at the crack of dawn all day. I spent a good few evenings sorting, ironing and pricing everything. Two things I realised was wow our kids had lots of clothes and secondly they were so small! you forget that, even 6 months on.

Anyway off I went for two hours to recycle some of our old bits and pieces. I had taken a Phil and Teds double buggy with me, as we had previously tried to get rid of it on multiple selling sites with no luck. Actually another seller came up to me and said she hadn’t brought hers because it probably wouldn’t sell. Well a lady came to my table and it turns out her daughter in law wanted the exact one. So after a few phone calls back and forth and a trip to the cash machine she brought it for a bargain price. I sold lots of Mop Tops gorgeous dresses, and other bits, all for bargain prices, some only worn 1-2 times. In fact in total I sold £160 worth in two hours!! It was pretty lucky I went by my self, otherwise I probably would have gone round the other stalls and spent all our profit. Baby and children’s things are always in such good condition, and I think as long as its clean then why not buy second hand.


I will definitely do another sale soon, as we still have lots to get rid of, and if I can help out another mummy with some second hand items then job done!

I appreciate some people only want new items for their children and probably with your first you tend to want everything brand new. But the quality in which most clothes, toys and items are made and the little time children use them, most second hand items are like new anyway. It is safe to say I am all for second hand purchases and will continue to look out for bargains.

I think reusing, recycling and reselling is the way forward!




Low Maintenance Mummy

Even before babies, I was pretty rubbish at the whole ‘beauty up keep’ but even more so now I’m a busy mum of two. And I’d like to think I am pretty low maintenance, I really don’t have time to sit in a hairdressers or a beauty salon every week pampering myself or even if I do I tend to feel guilty for it.
But I have to say I do like to have nice eyebrows and every so often I treat myself to eyelash extensions.
One of my best friends runs Love and Lashes, from a very professional beauty room in her home. She does lots of treatments and has recently become well known in the industry for her semi-permanent make-up.
But for me Steph knows exactly how I like my brows. Every 8 weeks (I usually eek this out) she waxes and tints my eye brows to perfection. Every so often when I’m feeling slightly higher maintenance she does my eye lash extensions; again to perfection. Because I really don’t maintain my eyelash extension, Steph has recently done a lash lift, its a low maintenance alternative to lash extensions that gives your natural lashes lift, length and definition for up to 8 weeks. Perfect for me, saves me faffing with mascara in the mornings.img_8290img_8288

I love having eye lash extensions but when you have house to build and two babies to feed I often can’t justify paying for the up keep. But for a special occasion I do love long lashes.
If you need any beauty treatment, go and find Love and Lashes on Facebook and get booked in quick as she is super popular!

Now my hair…. I have never coloured my hair. Actually tell a lie when I was at school I put temporary red bits in my hair. Almost got excluded so that didn’t go down well and wasn’t done again!

I have recently changed hair dressers. Charlotte from Lotties Locks did my wedding hair almost three years ago so when I saw she had set up her own salon I was keen to pay her a visit.
I knew I wanted a slight change but really didn’t know where to begin. She was professional, helpful and knowledgeable about colours etc. Firstly we went for subtle highlights to enhance my current blonde hair. Just before Christmas Charlotte was looking for some models to try a new hair colour on. So I thought why not…. and volunteered. It was dramatic that’s for sure, with beautiful silvers, corals and lavenders put through, I was like a mermaid of colour. it was far from my normal hair but it looked awesome for quite a while. And luckily over the Christmas period which was a bonus.



She is amazing at her job, and I can safely say I finally feel comfortable going to the hairdressers. I am due to see her again soon, to revert to a more natural colour, something I can up keep easier. Again I am that person that drags out the weeks between each appointment.

I have to say since being a mum, I do get little time to myself, so going to the hairdressers and to see Steph is a great way to get a few hours to chat about normal things, relax a little and come out looking and feeling good as well. So I have decided to try not to eek each appointment out but book them in more regularly. What’s a few hours every 6 weeks anyway!!

In terms of make up I generally wing it, chuck some lipstick on and it can make anything better. I was recently asked to try out a product called Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials. Its basically a dry brush cleaner. Its simple, compact and easy to use. It means I can use one brush for 2 or 3 eye shadow colours. you simply wipe the brush across the shadow switch until all the colour has been removed. I have to say I do not use a great deal of eye shadow, so probably wont get a huge amount of use form it, but I can see the benefits if you wear different shades, and colours more regularly. I was sent this in return for this review, but I believe it can be purchased on Amazon at a reasonable price.


I am pretty rubbish at make up and that is one thing I would like to be able to do better, I may invest in a make up class one day, or if anyone wants to buy me one, please feel free 🙂

I have to say all this talk on hair and make up, most days I tend to chuck my hair up, chuck on some BB cream and a lippy and bobs your uncle, but that’s what comes with motherhood I guess. All those glam mums out there need to teach me a thing or two!