From 0-30 in Record Time

My little Bear is 13 months and is well and truly mobile! And it occurred to me today how quickly he has gone from a static little bubba to a big boy climbing up and down the stairs.

Initially he was an army crawler, just dragging his legs around. But was pretty speedy this way. Why waste energy using four limbs when you can get around with two!

A few months ago we were sent an anti slip babygrow, perfect for an army crawling baby around my wooden floors. Crawlerz sell babygrows with incorporated anti slip safety grips. The legs have integrated anti slip sections to allow baby to push of the floor easier. We were sent size 9-12 months and actually that was pretty big. In fact Bear is 13 months old and it still fits pretty well. They have super cute designs, Bear has the Little Jungle Friends design. Bear looks super cute and can get around without slipping everywhere.

We are now at the stage where he wants to be standing all the time. I think we are a long way off walking but he is cruising furniture and will happily walk around hold some ones hands albeit it very wobbly.
So he has gone from static to mobile in what feels like record time! It is funny isn’t it, as parents we are constantly wishing and hoping for our little ones to do the next thing, or reach the next milestone. But it is not until you sit back and look at how grown up your littles ones are that we want them to stop growing, and hold time still.
When I had Bear, people would say how do you manage with two so close together. But I look back and think ah man having a new born and one year old is easy, compared to two moving babies!! In fact now it is harder as Bear needs my support to walk around all the time.

so we move onto the n still milestone in our house…. walking. Here’s to the next funs and fails it brings.

Do you wish you could hold time? Stop you little ones moving onto the next milestone while you appreciate it a little more?
I would love to hear all about your little ones next milestone.

Love Kelly




Cousins: Ready Made Friends

Making friends is something children tend to do in all settings, with all sorts of different children. But if you have cousins, they are pretty much ready made friends ready to play!

I was really lucky growing up as I have 5 cousins and we are all a similar age. As children we would play, holiday together, and have sleepovers at Nans house. And now as we are all older we still try and get together as much as we can.

Mop Top and Bear were born into an already large family with 5 cousins. 2 from my side and 3 from Mr DCs side. They range from 3 up to 9 years old. I love watching them play, and (most if the time) they really do get on so well.

I hear them laugh, have full blown conversations, put the world to rights and generally have a good time.

IMG_0069.JPGBecause of location, they see my brothers two pretty much everyday. Even on the days we aren’t due to see them Mop Top will often say ‘Harry Sophie breakfast’ or ‘see Harry’

Mop Top and Bear are the youngest of their little cousin group, and I notice how different their relationship is with each one of them. Alfie is 9 and I can see a much more nurturing role he takes with them, whereas Sophie who is 3, has a more play based relationship. I have to say this often results in sibling like arguments in our house between those two.

I think cousins are your first best friends, the people you connect with, learn from and with first. You can really learn some of those important early life skills from your cousins.

I hope Mop Top and Bear continue to have a strong bond with all their cousins and continue to share special memories as they grow older, just like I have with my own cousins.

Play in the rain… I dare you

This morning I watched an article on Lorraine with Marina Fogle. They were basically discussing if we wrap our children in bubble wrap these days. And it really got me thinking. Marina Fogle told a story about how she ‘let’ her daughter fall down the stairs. Before you all go crazy she ‘set’ it up as safely as she could, with cushions and pillows and the theory was her little girl would learn herself how to manage the stairs safely.

So I spent the rest of the day keeping track of how many times I said ‘be careful’ ‘slow down’ etc and turns out it was quite a lot. I even got thinking about activities I do and don’t let them do. Going in the garden with no shoes on, playing out in the rain; two things I generally don’t let the kids do. Which writing them out now sound ridiculously.

This afternoon we put wellies on, coats on and went for a walk…. It was raining!! Call the police! Haha

Im pretty sure when I was a child and even more so when my parents were small, we were left to get on with things. There wasn’t child locks, stair gates and so many child safety gadgets.

So how do we promote indepedance in our children without causing them harm.  Would love to hear your thoughts on how safety conscious you are with your little ones?

I am really going to try and let my two explore their own independance, with me a few extra steps behind. Well try at least!



Nostalgia: At the seaside

Last weekend myself and mr DC were on auntie and uncle duty for the day. Four kids for the whole day, obviously going out was the only option. We decided to head for the beach.

After quite a bit organisation with cars, car seats and children we ended up in Herne Bay. I have to say I don’t like the actual beach, but the whole seaside experience; you can’t beat it. We used to go as kids all the time, and visiting as an adult brings back so many happy memories.

I remember crabbing being a firm favourite past time if we ever went to the seaside. Buying a bucket, net and bait, super excited to try and get some crabs to look at in our buckets. A little competition between my brother and I at how many crabs we could get. Then the excitement of throwing them back in the water to be free.

We saw so many little children watching in awe of their daddy trying to get a crab to put in their bucket. Our 4 went from bucket to bucket seeing how many crabs each person had.

Then there are the traditional seaside rides; the Helter Skelter, those trampoline things, bumper cars and obviously the classic carousel ride. It’s amazing that these rides still fill little kids with excitement. We did 3 rides whilst at the seaside; the Helter Skelter, bumper cars in boat form and the carrousel ride.

We couldn’t go to the seaside without getting fish and chips, so we found a spot to sit all the children and got take away fish and chips. Mr DC made them all ‘plates’ out of the chip paper, which they all found very funny. We even managed a little paddle in the sea.

My favourite part of the day was seeing how much enjoyment the children got from the traditional old school entertainment that I used to enjoy as a child. I hope the traditions if the seaside long continue.

P.s it confirm we won’t be having four children in the future 🙈🙈


Sh*t Happens…. Literally

The following article contains the word POO and I must note no poo was harmed in the making of this blog post! You have been warned!

We have made it almost 2 years with children having not had to do this and I have to say I was hoping I would never have to do it…But yesterday the pivotal event of all parenting occurred in our house.

Let me set the scene for a minute; both babies in the bath, all going swimmingly (no pun intended) Then Mr DC swiftly got two babies out of the bath consecutively. He then very calmly says ‘erm Mollie has pooed in the bath’

Oh great, he very cleverly starts dealing with the children, leaving me to deal with said poo! What the hell do you use to get a turd out of water! Oh come on they don’t teach you this in ante natal class!

I have to say I had bloggers hat on and actually took a photo first, however I don’t feel it is appropriate to share here. It is available on request 😳

Anyway I use a jug (the jug we use to wash the children’s hair… Must remove to wash that!) and actually it was much harder than I thought. Picture this… Me with a jug trying to manoeuvre it round 2 little ducks, a plastic dolphin and a upside down boat! I have to say it took me a few attempts to capture the little floater but 1-0 to mummy!

Mr DC obviously found this hilarious, and I have noted this and he is on poo bath duty next time it happens!


The mountains of all tantrums


Mop Top is 4 weeks of her 2 birthday, but I have definitely noticed some ‘terrible two’ type behaviours as of late……
However today we hit an all time high on the toddler tantrum spectrum.

She had been really good all morning so I agreed she could have some sweets to eat after lunch. We went to the shops and brought two packs; one for Mop Top and one for my niece Sophie.
Mop Top fell asleep on the way home so I put her straight up when we got in. Not long later she woke, very much earlier than normal. Here was the first down hill step to tantrum city!
I then (shockingly) said she couldn’t eat sweets for lunch, what a horrible mummy, well all hell broke loose. Crying, screaming, snot, tears, noise and more noise. I tried reasoning, persuasion, and even threatening… Nothing but loud noise.

At this point my mum and dad were in the room, whilst Bear and Sophie were still trying to have lunch. There is nothing worse than your parents watching you trying to parent.
After trying to reason with a 23 month old, the only option was time out in her cot to calm down. As you can imagine this didn’t go down well. More screaming, more noise….. Now I’m running out of options.

Thank fully an hour and 15 minutes later (yes I know!!) she seemed to calm down. I got her out of her cot, and she actually ate something that wasn’t sweets. Well she had crisps and a yoghurt but better than sweets surely.


I feel like this is the first of many, but wowzer I need to up my game in the tantrum handling game. It’s funny the emotions parenting brings, one minute I’m rocking motherhood and next I’m close to tears and unable to handle a two year old.

I am currently drinking alcohol and eating chocolate, that’s my coping strategy! Would love to hear your tantrum stories, comment below.

Love Kelly


Old Macdonalds Farm

With a free Sunday last weekend, we decided to venture across the water to Old Macdonalds Farm in Brentwood. We’ve never been before as it always seems so far away. But actually we jumped in the car and 35 minutes later we were parked up in the car park ready to go.
imageSo it’s a cross between a farm, a play area, and a theme park. Entrance prices were pretty reasonable especially as I had a £10 off voucher. Peppa Pig was visiting the farm on the Sunday we went, so it was quite busy. There was a range of animals to see your usual farm animals plus some random ones in there too like meerkats, otters, and emus. There were lots of fun little facts on the way round, plus each animal had a feeding area, so the kids could safely feed the animals.

image.jpegThe layout of the farm means that you can see the majority of the animals then go to the other side to go on the rides. Mop top loved the sand pit area, it has different size diggers to play on. There were a few rides Mop Top was too small for but still plenty of other rides and play areas she could play on.


We did see Peppa, but it was pretty much a conveyor belt of small children passing by. Quick picture then move on. We managed to get pretty close to the front of the queue on the first session, but after that the queue was ridiculous for most of the day. And I have to say I probably wouldn’t have waited.

The Peppa Pig queue!!

I’d say it’s worth a visit, I can’t see us returning any time soon as we pretty much did it all. When Mop Top is bigger we may return to go on the other rides.

I grabbed a voucher of a leaflet from a local shop, so make sure you get a discount voucher to save you some pennies!

Getting through the best we can

cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-logo-11.pngIn a few days I have a health visitor coming round for Bears 10-12 month check and have already filled out my ‘is he dong this yet’ questionnaire.
Now I know they are only doing their jobs, but don’t these appointments just make you feel so bloody inadequate as a mother.

Does he have any teeth…. No ‘cue eyebrow raise
Have you stopped giving him a bottle…. No ‘cue eyebrow raise
Does he sleep through….. No ‘cue that eyebrow raise

Eurgghh I can already feel myself getting the lies ready just to please her records.

I have come to the conclusion through experience and my mums knowledgable advice that being a mother is about doing what you can to get through. If Bear wakes in the night, he comes in our bed (blog coming up about accidental co-sleeping), if Mop Top needs milk from a bottle, then that’s ok.

There are so many different guideline that seem to change every month about feeding, sleeping and everything else, it really is hard to keep up. I recently had a conversation with some friends who are due their baby in just a few weeks, about making up bottles. They were so confused about different advice they had been told, and it really is so ridiculous the different opinions out there.
But I think every parent finds their own way of doing things. Every evening we pour boiled water in each bottle and then get the right amount of powder in a little pot ready to mix up when needed the next day. Both of mine have always had room temperature milk. Now this might be different to the next person, but it works for us, and both my babies have been fine with it.

In 5 years time when my little babies are no longer little babies these major hurdles we struggle through right now will be irrelevant and they’ll be a whole other list of things to worry about.
So right now I know my little Bear well enough to know he is doing just fine, despite what the HV may say on Thursday, and we will continue to get through each day the best we can!

dear-momLove Kelly

Positive Mental Attitude


Today I have woken up with a strange feeling; a feeling of positivity and motivation. It is 5am and normally I wake bleary eyed and wishing I could sleep for another 4 hours.

Not today, Bear still woke just before 5, but hadn’t woke during the night (yay) and we were up, doing jobs by 530!

Iv sent Mr DC out for a run, and I am busy painting some lovely bunting letters. (Feel free to check out my other hat

Since the terrible events in Manchester and some other things Iv been helping a friend with this week I have come to realise you really don’t know what’s round that corner and we have to be grateful for the things we do have.

We get dealt a card in life and what we do with that card is our own choice. Can we change the card we are dealt? I’m not sure but I do know we can make the best of it, getting out there and making good choices.

I appreciate I sound like a really annoying motivational speaker at 6 am on a Sunday morning , and I apologies for that. And I know life can not always be a sea of positivity, but we can definately make the best of situations. Taking a step back, looking at the bigger picture and setting small goals to manage the situation.

But today it’s about positive parenting, achieving goals big or small and making the best of that card.

Why not try and do one little job today that you’ve been putting off for ages, have a lovely day!!

Love Kelly



We Survived…. Here’s our top tips

Having been home a few weeks I have reflected on our first trip and despite the hideous journey (check it out here) it was a pretty successful holiday. I have to say a very different holiday to what we are used to, but different in a good way.

As promised here are my top tips for travelling with small children…

1: Snacks: take lots of snacks for the journey. Those times when you need a bit of indoor time in the room, snacks from home really helped us!

2: Books wrapped up. This sounds like a silly one and the people around us on the plane thought I was barmy. But every often I would hand Mop Top a present wrapped in Christmas paper. It was a book, stickers, her toys. But it passed the time as she was excited to open in then excited to play/ read whatever was inside. They weren’t expensive items just stickers books etc and even some of her toys from home.

3: Relax your routine: our babies still needed naps, bed time routine, food/ milk at certain times despite being in a different country. I am all about routine, but I really tried to relax about timings and just went with what the babies wanted whenever it was.

4: Stroller: we brought 2 cheap stroller in the Mothercare sale and I have to say they were a god send. It meant the babies could nap in the day without us having to sit in the room for 2 hours. It meant i could get them off to sleep then send Mr DC to the bar for my Pina Colada!

5 Take lots of nappies, swimming and normal: we ran out on the last day and had to buy a pack from the local supermarket…. €17 for 17 nappies!!

These are my top five tips for holidaying with babies. It was a very different Holiday to what we are used to. We didn’t relax for one moment, and in fact I could do with another holiday about now, but it was lovely, and great to have some family time.

Whether we go on a plane again is still up for debate but we will definitely be holidaying again next year.

image(Lame holiday selfie)

Happy Holidays X